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Tommy Lee Sparta Blames Vybz Kartel For Career Setbacks

Tommy Lee Sparta is blaming his travel woes squarely at the feet of

Vybz Kartel.

Gazanation fans will likely go HAM on Tommy Lee Sparta for making

this statement, but some industry attorneys are saying that he is

absolutely right about his assessment. Sparta was one of Vybz

Kartel’s most loyal proteges before he was sent to prison for life for a

2014 murder conviction. The big question now is Kartel’s legal

troubles affecting artists who were previously associated with him

like Tommy Lee and Popcaan.

We’re told that both artists are unable to secure a U.S. visa because

of their affiliation to Vybz Kartel. The “Soul Reaper” deejay says that

he has been going through hell while trying to travel overseas for his

shows. “I feel like they put something on my name,” Sparta said.

“Every time I try to travel, they treat me different, like I am some

bomber. When they run my passport, Vybz Kartel business come up

and everything. They are acting like I am involved in certain things

and pure red lines come up on my documents at the airports. I don’t

know who did it to my documents.”

Tommy Lee Sparta currently has a mountain of legal troubles and is

currently awaiting trial for lottery scam. On three separate times, he

was named a person of interest in different crimes in Kingston and

Montego including a shooting incident. He was never charged with a

crime. Some legal experts inside the dancehall space are saying that

the artist has a point about being affected by Vybz Kartel’s legal

problems, but all he needs is proper legal representation to clear his

team. Tommy Lee has been unable to travel to the United States for

shows for years and just last month Popcaan was denied travel

documents to take part in the Red Bull Culture Clash in Atlanta.


Alkaline Drops Gritty Tommy Lee Sparta Diss Track “Buss Head”

Alkaline come through with a gritty Tommy Lee Sparta diss track

titled “Buss Head.”

Someone inside the Vendetta camp sent us the new record this

morning (Aug. 23) and now Alkaline has uploaded it to his Vevo

channel. Already the track is racking up the views and is one of the

most talked about tracks in dancehall currently. The single was

produced by Alkaline’s go to producer DJ Frass and features the

Detta deejay getting explicit of where he wants to take this war/beef

between himself and Tommy Lee Sparta.

“Tell unnu fi low the badness and pre gal / We humans but we a no

equals / War can’t buyout it can’t resolve / Don’t need police it no

hard fi we resolve / Vendetta don’t style them but we deadly / Pu**y

them a chat like Beverly / Anything a Anything tell them we ready,”

Alkaline rhymes over a base heavy dancehall beat.

This marks the second diss record Alkaline released this year aimed

at Tommy Lee Sparta, while the Mobay deejay has already released a

handful of tracks dissing his rival. Back in March, the Vendetta leader

stirred up some controversy with a track called “Red Eyes” where he

used a photo of Tommy Lee’s eye in the artwork . The Spartan deejay

recently joked about it in an interview where he said that Alka used

his “good good eye” and put in his artwork.

Sean Kingston and Tommy Lee Sparta Deal Not Yet Official

Sean Kingston and Tommy Lee Sparta deal is not yet official

according to sources behind the scene.

Last week, Dapstream News  reported that Sean Kingston has signed Tommy Lee

Sparta to his Time is Money Entertainment label . Now we are learning

that there is no official signature on paper, but there are ongoing

discussions behind the scene between the two artists and their


“There is no official signing but there are discussions,” sources

behind the scene told Dapstream News . “Sean Kingston already

initiate an offer on paper. So now it’s basically for Tommy Lee and

his team to go through and see if it’s something that he wants to

sign. The two of them are good friends and great artists so we will

see if this deal will be official.”

Sean Kingston is currently living in Jamaica and has recently bought

himself a house and some expensive cars as he set up shop in his

homeland. Tommy Lee Sparta has been having a great year in

dancehall with a slew of new hits in heavy rotation on the airwaves.

“Haven’t been this excited about signing a artist since @torylanez..

mi nuh hide an talk @tommyleesparta is undeniably talented.. big

news soon come!! Time is money Ent/Sparta leave a comment if u

agree,” Sean Kingston wrote on Instagram

Watch Tommy Lee Sparta New Video “Grim Grim Rave” Video

Tommy Lee Sparta wants all his fans to party for the rest of the

summer to his new video “Grim Rim Rave.”

The “Uncle Demon” deejay just signed a new deal with Sean

Kingston’s Time is Money Entertainment making him the newest

artist to call the label home. The 4-minutes clip was directed by

Cinema Gods while the single was produced by Silver Birds Records.

The video starts out with Tommy Lee Sparta and his crew hosting a

pool party with plenty bikini clad females.

They then took the party inside his mansion at night fall and party

until day break. Tommy Lee Sparta is having a great year this year

with a number of singles in heavy rotation on dancehall airwaves. He

is looking to close out the year with his new deal with Sean Kingston.


Sean Kingston Signs Tommy Lee Sparta To Time Is Money Label

Sean Kingston is currently living in Jamaica and

he is not playing. The reggae-pop singer signed

Tommy Lee Sparta to his Time is Money

Entertainment label.

Sean Kingston has a contract with Warner Bros.

Records so this means that Tommy Lee will be

getting representation from Warner. Kingston

made the announcement on Instagram on

Monday without divulging the nature of the

contract. Sources are telling us that the deal is a

management contract, which means the Mobay

deejay will retain control over his music.

“Haven’t been this excited about signing a artist

since @torylanez.. mi nuh hide an talk @

tommyleesparta is undeniably talented.. big news

soon come!! Time is money Ent/Sparta leave a

comment if u agree,” Sean Kingston wrote on IG.

Tommy Lee Sparta has been having a great year

with a ton of new music dominating the

dancehall airwaves so this signing could be the

icing on the cake to cap off a great year.

Watch Tommy Lee Sparta Sings Happy Birthday To Spice

Tommy Lee Sparta and Spice are both having a phenomenal year in

dancehall and last night was lit.

Spice host her 34th birthday party on Friday night at Oneil’s Car Park

and the show was lit, Tommy Lee Sparta, who performed at the

event, was in fine form getting the crowd hyped up. While performing

with Spice, Tommy Lee Sparta took a moment to sing her happy

birthday and the crowd was loving it.

“Am going to sing happy birthday to Spice but I don’t want anybody

laugh at me,” Tommy Lee said. The party also saw Spice performing

with D’Angel, Ding Dong, Chi Ching Ching and other. Both Spice and

Tommy Lee also performed together on the same stage last week at

Dream Weekend in Negril.

Tommy Lee Says Alkaline “Used his Good Good Eye On His Art”

Tommy Lee Sparta is reacting to Alkaline using his eye on the cover

art of the single “Red Eyes.”

Back in March, Alkaline released his first ever Tommy Lee diss track

titled “ Red Eyes.” On the cover art of the single, the Vendetta deejay

cleverly used a photo of the Spartan deejay’s eye. The whole thing

was hilarious and now Tommy Lee’s response is even more hilarious.

“True him take my good good eye and put it in him thing (artwork),

so me just shoot up back him mask,” Tommy Lee said in a recent


The Mobay deejay released a new single last week title “Target ” and

on the cover art he used a Vendetta mask covered in bullets and

blood. Seems like this beef is turning into a war on who can come up

with the best cover art, but so far Tommy Lee has already released

more than half a dozen diss records. Alkaline has only released one

track and has side step the beef for the most part except for a small

jab during his performance at Reggae Sumfest last month.

Listen : Tommy Lee Sparta – “Happy Life”

Tommy Lee Sparta Drops New “Happy Life” Single. # Listen # Share

Watch the video Below

Tommy Lee Sparta Supports Alkaline Says Cops Targeting Artist Unfairly

Tommy Lee Sparta defending Alkaline amidst more pressure from


Yes you did read that headline right. Although these two artists are

arch enemies musically they can still find common ground within the

dancehall space. In fact, just yesterday Tommy Lee Sparta released

two new diss tracks aimed at Alkaline and just last weekend Alka

dissed the “Uncle Demon” deejay during his performance at Reggae

Sumfest. Both deejays have been recently targeted by police officers

and Lee is now defending the Vendetta deejay who almost had a

another running with lawmen at Sumfest for use of profanity.

“Look pon Alkaline, dem man deh a go school from them little, and

now, all of a sudden, a bare badness Alkaline name a call up inna.

Just imagine that,” Tommy Lee Sparta said. “All of a sudden? And

when the man did a suffer him never bad? But now when him

successful, a now him a go bad and life nice now? The system just

love the foolishness.”

Tommy Lee Sparta also added that cops should not be too quick to

judge artists by their music because even he himself is doing a lot of

good in his community.

Alkaline VS Tommy Lee Sparta – Reggae Sumfest 2017

Alkaline and Tommy Lee Sparta returns to

Reggae Sumfest with a big bang. The two

dancehall rivals put on a show for their fans in

Montego Bay on Friday night.

The new owners of Reggae Sumfest, Downsound

Entertainment, pulled off another hugely

successful staging of one of the most popular

reggae music festivals in the world after taking it

over last year. Both Dancehall Night and

International Reggae Night saw a massive

turnout of fans and local artists were in fine


Alkaline made a grand entrance on stage

approximately 6 AM Saturday and perhaps the

high point of his performance was when he

dissed Tommy Lee Sparta in his backyard at the

Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex. “Hey

bwoy Nyammy Lee,” Alkaline said on stage as

the crowd went wild. The Vendetta boss kicked

off his performance with “ Formula” a song that

French Montana remake for his new album

Jungle Rules

. Alkaline even performed his Tommy Lee diss

record “Red Eyes.”

A few weeks before Sumfest, Tommy Lee Sparta

made a statement warning Alkaline not to try

anything in his home town Montego Bay. He

even made reference to the “Champion Boy”

deejay using his eyes on the cover art of his diss

single “ Red Eyes .” But Alka ignored the threats

and did exactly what Tommy Lee Sparta told him

not to.

Popcaan and Tommy Lee Sparta Delivered At Chromatic Live

Popcaan and Tommy Lee Sparta were in fine

form at last weekend’s show Chromatic Live at

Mass Camp, Stadium North.

Both former members of the Vybz Kartel lead

Portmore Empire performed together for a small

segment of their performance with Tommy Lee

even took the opportunity to shout-out Kartel.

Popcaan apologize to the security forces on site

a few times for using obscene language during

his performance, but the crowd was loving it.

Popcaan performed a medley of his popular hits

like “When You Wine Like That,” “Only Man She

Want,” “Never Sober,” “Unruly Party,” and

“Addicted.” The Hotskull deejay even invited

dancehall legend Beenie Man for a small

segment of his performance. Ding Dong and his

Ravers Clavers dance crew also performed on

the event while Chromatic sound system

provided the music.

Watch Tommy Lee Sparta Shout-out Vybz Kartel In Front Of Popcaan

Tommy Lee Sparta and Popcaan ended up on the

same stage at a recent show where the Mobay

deejay gave Vybz Kartel a big shout-out.

We don’t have the full clip so we don’t know if

Popcaan also shout-out Vybz Kartel, but Tommy

Lee did it while the Unruly deejay was present on

the stage. There is currently a dark cloud over

Popcaan’s head regarding his recent fallout with

Vybz Kartel and the wider Gaza movement.

There were also some rumors that Popcaan and

Tommy Lee were having issues but this video

pretty much clears up that rumor.

Tommy Lee himself has also had past issues

with Vybz Kartel and as recent as a few years

back was roughed up by one of Kartel’s goons.

“Me a say big up the whole family, big up

yourself Popcaan, and me a say big up the

Worl’Boss straight,” the “Spartan Angel” deejay

told the crowd. Tommy Lee Sparta and Popcaan

are two of the best performers in dancehall

currently. They both always get the crowd

engaged in their energetic performances.


Tommy Lee Sparta Suing Jamaican Government For $20 Million

Tommy Lee Sparta is suing the Jamaican

government for a whopping $20 million for

violating his constitutional rights.

If the Spartan deejay moves ahead with the

lawsuit, his attorney Ernest Smith, says he is

very confident that he would win the case and

the Jamaican taxpayers would be left to foot the

bill. For the last few years, Tommy Lee has

argued that he has not been able to perform at

major shows locally because police refused to

grant permits citing his criminal record.

I  cannot restrain a man from getting

employment unless he is prohibited from doing

so by incarceration,” Smith said. “Tommy Lee

has been prevented on several occasions by

certain police officers from engaging in his

profession of entertainment. He has had to be

pulled from several shows because police

officers have threatened the organizers and the

promoters to cancel their licenses if Tommy Lee

is on the show.”

One of the shows that the deejay has been

unable to perform on for the last few years is

the annual show Reggae Sumfest in his

hometown Montego Bay. Cops labeled Tommy

Lee as a violent entertainer who was is facing

charges related to lottery scamming. In 2015,

the dancehall deejay was also banned from

traveling overseas, but on three occasions a

judge gave him the okay to go on tour overseas.

Tommy Lee’s attorney says that it’s unfair that

his client can perform overseas but cannot make

an honest living in his own country.

“He has been abroad and performed, but he has

been prevented from performing and earning in

his own land because of police brutality,” Smith

added. Cops have also named Tommy Lee

Sparta as a person of interest in several murder

investigations, but he was never charged for any

of the crimes. Tommy Lee has a court case

regarding his lottery scam charge in the Home

Circuit Court in July.

Tommy Lee Sparta Says He Is Bigger Than Alkaline In Dancehall

Tommy Lee Sparta and Alkaline rivalry is shaping

up to be the next big feud in dancehall.

For the last couple of months, their beef has

been one sided with only Tommy Lee dropping

diss records. But Alkaline has finally crack and

responded with a stinging diss track “Red Eyes”

where he even used the former Gaza deejay’s

image on the single’s cover art. While Alka has

only released on diss track, Tommy Lee is at

least half a dozen deep. Which begs the

question, was Alkaline thinking that Tommy Lee

is not worth feuding with?

On  a new interview with Winford Williams

OnStage, the “Spartan Soldier” deejay said he

has a much bigger fan base than Alkaline.

“Remember that I am a big artists also because I

came from the Gaza [Vybz Kartel crew]

bloodline,” Tommy Lee said. “My fans are

different from Alkaline fans, Alkaline is just hot

right now and have everybody fans, I have more

fans than Alkaline. I’ve been in this business

seven years now so any artist try diss me I will


Tommy Lee Sparta Reacts To Alkaline “Red Eyes” Jab “Am Ready For War”

Tommy Lee Sparta got roasted on social media

last week after Alkaline dropped a new diss track

“Red Eyes.”

Some folks on Instagram are saying that Alkaline

used a photo of the former Gaza deejay on the

artwork for the single. “Tommy Lee stop watch

out the man life little red eye boy,” one fan

wrote. Word got be to the Spartan leader who

posted a video on IG making it clear that he is

ready for an all out war with the Vendetta boss.

“Yes mi fans them some artist a call up mi name

so tell me who fi dead now,” Tommy Lee said.

TLS and Alkaline have been beefing since last

year but so far the feud has been mostly one

sided with a handful of diss tracks coming from

the Mobay deejay. This new track “Red Eyes” is

the first time Alkaline is addressing the beef