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DJ LYTMAS – SPICE OFFICIAL MIXTAPE 2017[The Queen of Dancehall]

Dj lytmas finally released the so much awaited spice mixtape ..the tracklist is hot  ….

The mixtape has been released just two days after the shenseea mixtape was released.. The mixtape is available for both online streaming  and is also downloadable…..




Watch Tommy Lee Sparta Sings Happy Birthday To Spice

Tommy Lee Sparta and Spice are both having a phenomenal year in

dancehall and last night was lit.

Spice host her 34th birthday party on Friday night at Oneil’s Car Park

and the show was lit, Tommy Lee Sparta, who performed at the

event, was in fine form getting the crowd hyped up. While performing

with Spice, Tommy Lee Sparta took a moment to sing her happy

birthday and the crowd was loving it.

“Am going to sing happy birthday to Spice but I don’t want anybody

laugh at me,” Tommy Lee said. The party also saw Spice performing

with D’Angel, Ding Dong, Chi Ching Ching and other. Both Spice and

Tommy Lee also performed together on the same stage last week at

Dream Weekend in Negril.

Is Dancehall Ready To Crown Spice The New Queen

Spice has already crowned herself the new queen of dancehall, but

are fans and industry stakeholders ready to give her the crown?

Last month, Spice made a bold statement on Instagram telling her

fans that she is the new queen of dancehall . “The New

#Queenofdancehall who vex,” she said. A lot of her fans agree with

her statement but some fans are not yet sold. Now that Lady Saw has

officially retired from dancehall, we need a new queen and Spice

seems to be the obvious choice right now.

Popular artist manager Ray Alexander weighed in on the topic saying

that Spice has proven herself over the last few years and is deserving

of the title. “She has proven herself over the past two years because

she has been dominating this generation,” Alexander said. “I don’t

understand why it is so hard for Jamaicans to crown new kings and

queens. I mean, from somebody claim the title generations ago, it’s

like they are afraid to acknowledge a king and a queen of a next


Spice has had a great career in dancehall and even earned herself a

Billboard Hot 100 hit as a guest feature on Vybz Kartel’s 2009 smash

hit single “Romping Shop.” Since then she has made a name for

herself with a slew of mega hit singles like “So Mi Like It,” “Conjugal

Visit,” and “Sheets.” Jamaica Museum curator, Herbie Miller, says

that the new generation needs to get their chance to crown their own

queen and create their own legacy.

“Who is challenging her as a risque artiste that the genre thrives on?”

Miller said. “I see where she is very much accepted locally and

internationally. Dancehall is often given a bad rap, but so is any form

of art that is new. I think a lot of positive things are happening for

Spice right now, and with Lady Saw out of the mix, she does have a

strong claim.”

Spice Gets Backlash For Dissing Her Baby Daddy on Fathers Day

Spice catches some heat from some of her fans

on social media on Sunday when she dished out

a major diss towards her baby daddy.

The dancehall diva posted a photo of herself and

her two beautiful kids with Nicholas Lall on

Instagram on Sunday while wishing herself a

happy Father’s Day. She also posted some more

photos of some of her male friends including

Foota Hype and Romeich Major wishing them a

happy Father’s Day but made no mention of her

baby daddy.

“Happy Father’s Day to me and to all the other

super moms out there who’s playing double role

with no regrets today I salute you. SLIDE AND


the years my father is #1 in the slide who of

course is the best father in the world the great

polofin may his soul RIP big up @richiefeelings1

@billboardselector @therealdjruxie_cdfantasy @

world_wessy_swatch_int @navis_bomb_

swatchinternational @jahblast_swatch @

romeichwear who all have supported me through

out the years. DU MI A BEG UNU A JUST 10

people can fit Inna the slide show happy Father’s

Day #HappySunday #HappyFathersday,” Spice


Some of her fans were not in support of her

post. “Father’s Day is Father’s Day,” one fan

wrote. “That is the day to honor all of the

wonderful Father’s around the world. It is NOT

Single Parents Day. I Hate it when people keep

on saying that.”