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Nicki Minaj Is Back On Instagram After Three Month Hiatus

Nicki Minaj is back on Instagram after taking a three-month hiatus.
The Young Money rapper stars in a new Mercedes-Benz commercial
and she posted the ad on her Instagram feed which is her first post
since December last year. This could be a clear sign that she is
gearing up to make a grand return to social media and to the music
scene. Nicki Minaj has been locked down in the studio for the past
three months working hard on her forthcoming album. We don’t have a
release date or title, but we know for sure it’s coming this year.
We’re told by sources inside her circle that she scrapped everything
that she worked on last year and make a fresh start with this
project. “She pretty much archived everything she recorded last
year and start this project with a clean blank slate and the risk and
hard work paid off because from what I heard so far is dope,
definitely will be her best project to date,” sources said.
In her post on her Instagram feed, Nicki Minaj proudly promoted
TIDAL and Mercedes-Benz. “I don’t say hi, I say “keys to the
Benz.” Link in bio for full commercial. @mercedesbenz #AClass in
partnership with @tidal #TIDALXMercedesBenz #Sponsored,” she
wrote in the caption.
In a recent interview, Birdman says Nicki Minaj has been focused
and working hard on her new album and that is the main reason why
she has been out of the public eye. His statement coincides with what
our people have been telling us over the past couple weeks. In that
said interview, the Cash Money Records head calls Nicki the “best
female rapper ever” in the history of rap. Quite a big statement but
most of her fans seem to agree and her next album will have a lot of
talking to do when it comes out.

@mercedesbenz #AClass in partnership with @tidal  #TIDALXMercedesBenz #Sponsored

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Is Lil Wayne Executive Producing Nicki Minaj Fourth Album

Nicki Minaj is locked down working on her new album and we’re told that Lil Wayne is executive producing the project.

Speculations have been ripe in recent weeks about Nicki Minaj’s whereabouts and her absence from her once vibrant social media pages. Some of her critics even went as far as to suggest that she is MIA because she is recovering from another “plastic surgery.” The truth is, the Trinidadian rapper has been quietly working overtime on her next body of work and she has some help from Lil Wayne who we’re told is executive producing the project.

“C’mon we tune out all the unnecessary noise and focusing on the things that matter like this next Nicki album for the fans,” sources close to the Young Money rapper confirmed with Urban Islandz. “She working hard on the tape, she know the fans have been waiting a while for this but she wants to get this perfect. This will be a landmark album. We have Weezy and the whole team up in the studio and everyone is laser-focused and working over time.”

Nicki Minaj has been working on her fourth album since the beginning of last year. In March last year, she released three new singles “Regret In Your Tears,” “No Frauds” with Lil Wayne and Drake, and “Change It” with Weezy. Those three tracks were supposed to be on her new album but we’re told that she scrap that idea after the initial buzz around them quickly diminished.

“Social media is too much of a distraction right now so the aim is to go on a total blackout until the album is ready,” sources added. “So far we are happy with the way things are progressing and everyone is committed to the cause. We are not doing this for the haters, we doing it for the fans, the fans is all that matters.”

Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne reconnected at the top of 2017 following her split with Meek Mill. She and Drake also repaired their friendship that was damaged from his beef with her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill. There were some chatters that she had a role to play in the beef and Drizzy was upset about it.

We asked if Drake is involved in the album production or will be a guest feature but we didn’t get an answer for that.

Nicki Minaj Backs Out Testifying In Brother’s Rape Case

Nicki Minaj will not be testifying in her brother’s highly publicized

rape case and for good reasons.

The hip hop superstar’s older brother Jelani Maraj is currently on

trial for allegedly raping an 11-year-old girl. Last week, Page Six

reported that Nicki Minaj will be a star witness in the high profile trial

that could send her brother to prison for life. The 11-year-old victim

is his stepdaughter and she told authorities that Maraj had sex with

her up to four times per week. The rapper’s brother legal team also

told reporters that she will take the stand in his defense.

Despite the reports of Nicki Minaj testimony in the trial, sources told

Dapstream News  that she is fully supporting her brother, but will

not be taking the stand. “The talks of her [Nicki Minaj] testifying are

just not true,” sources told us. “She is supporting her brother by

paying his legal fees and giving him moral support, but she will not

be testifying.” We’re told that Nicki Minaj team strongly advised her

against testifying telling her that he could be damaging for her

brand. “It’s a difficult decision for her because this is her brother

and she loves her family, but this is just too much of a risk for her

brand,” sources around the Trinidadian rapper told us.

Jelani Maraj’s rape trial is currently underway in a long island court

and Nicki will not be going to court. Jelani’s wife, Jacqueline

Robinson, told Nicki Minaj that she could make the case go away for

$25 million. Of course, the rapper did not bite so the case now goes

to trial. The Assistant District Attorney Emma Slane told jurors in

court that the little girl’s younger brother, who was 8 years old at the

time, was the first person to reveal the sexual abuse to child services

who then called the cops.

Investigators got a search warrant and went to the house where they

recovered a pajama stained with her stepdad’s semen. The boy also

testified in the trial that his stepfather spanks him for walking in on

him having sex with his older sister in a spare bedroom. The defense

attorney says this is all a ply by their mother, Jacqueline Robinson,

to get money from Nicki Minaj, whom she has been obsessed with

from day one.

Meek Mill Says He Dumped Nicki Minaj Takes More Shots On IG

Meek Mill says that he was the one who broke up with Nicki Minaj

and not the other way around.

The first real clear hint that we got from Meek that he dumped Nicki

Minaj was when he released his single “1942 Flows.” The Young

Money rapper announced on Twitter in January this year that she is a

single woman again. At first, everyone thought that she was the one

who pulled the plug on the relationship but now we are learning that

Meek has been quietly saying that he was the one who dumped her.

“He was the one who broke up with her and we been always known

that from the beginning,” sources said. “Celebrities relationships are

usually never really private but that doesn’t mean someone will want

to come out and spill all the tea to score some points. These two

were dating and they broke up that happens all the time and I doubt it

really matters who broke up with who, the relationship is done it’s

over ni**as have moved on and go about their business.”

Meek is also making it clear to folks inside his circle that he is done

with her for good and has no interest in evening speaking to her. “No

am pretty sure there is no rekindling going down, homeboy said it out

his mouth and what they broke up over is a huge deal breaker,”

sources revealed. On his single “1942 Flows” Meek Mill most famous

line is, “Cut her off, act like she’s dead and it’s killing her / New

dawn, Hermes seats, I left the ceiling up / Just to get to kill ’em



Since their bitter break up eight months ago, Meek Mill and Nicki

Minaj have not spoken to each other and they often take shots at

each other on social media. In July, the “Wins and Loses” rapper fired

off a diss on Instagram calling out Nicki for having fake everything

and basically saying that she made him sick when she takes off


Nicki Minaj Packs Heat On London On Da Track Song “No Flag” Feat. 21 Savage & Offset [Listen]

London On Da Track assembles an all-star team with Nicki Minaj , 21

Savage , and Offset for his new single “No Flag.”

Nicki Minaj has been teasing her verse on the single since around last

night and she did say revealed that the track would be available at

midnight and it was right on point on Apple Music. This week, the

Young Money rapper is featured on a bunch of new singles including a

track with Tasha Cobbs Leonard titled “I’m Getting Ready” and

another single with Fergie titled “You Already Know.”

Clearly, the “PinkPrint” rapper has been very busy in the studio lately

working on guest features. She has also been working on her new

album which she promised her fans that she will deliver a classic to

them. “They know my name ring bells so they still press / Say the

Queen name you can get some ill press / That went right over your

head, you should feel blessed / Must’ve used a lot of starch cause

they still pressed,” Nicki Minaj raps.

At just 26 years old, London On Da Track has been making some of

the biggest hits in hip hop over the last few years for artists like Nicki

Minaj, Future, Lil Wayne, Tyga, Gucci Mane, T.I., and Young Thug.

Now that he made a name for himself as a producer he is going the

route of DJ Khaled to put out his own songs with other artists as

guest features. This new track “No Flag” is already a hit right out the

gate and is one of the most talked about new singles in hip hop this

weekend. 21 Savage and Migos ‘ Offset are also two of the hottest

young rappers in the game at the moment so adding them to the

track was the right move. Savage just released his debut album “Issa

Album” while Offset and his Migos clan are working on their new

album “Culture 2” which they promised will arrive sooner than later.


Nicki Minaj Fans Begs For New Album But She Gives Them More Ass-ets

Nicki Minaj fans have been making their voices louder calling for her

to release her new album but she is giving them more ass-ets and


The Young Money rapper has been doing a lot features this year and

has been getting a lot of success on the charts from those guest

spots from artists like Future , Yo Gotti , Jason Derulo , and Gucci

Mane . Seems Nicki Minaj fans want more than that, they want her to

release her fourth album which she has been working on for the past


Over the past week, she has been posting a lot of smoking hot

photos showing off her famous ass-ets on Instagram. Some fans are

saying, while that is nice we need that album asap. “You have time to

posted pics of your buns but where is that album we been waiting for

four years,” one fan explicitly said on Twitter, while another added,

“All we getting is more boob and as pics where is the album you

promise from last year, when you were with Safaree at least you put

out your album faster.”


Seems that the last comment triggered a response from Nicki Minaj

who tweeted out saying that she is hard at work on the project and

fans will just have to wait. “Can’t give u the album any sooner than I

can give it. Anyway, I’m leaving soon. I hope you’ll be ok in my

absence,” she tweeted with a crying emoji. To give Nicki Minaj some

credit, earlier this year she did mention that she is trying to deliver a

classic album so perhaps she needs the extra time to put that classic

LP together.

In the meantime, Nicki Minaj fans can feast their eyes on her ass-ets

on her Instagram page while they wait patiently to feast their ears on

her upcoming project. The last time that we got an album from the

Trinidadian rapper was The Pinkprint which was released on

December 15, 2014. That project sold 244,000 copies in the first week

to debut at number one on the Billboard 200. The album has since

been certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association

of America (RIAA).

Cardi B Calls Nicki Minaj A Legend and An Icon In Hip Hop

Cardi B calls Nicki Minaj a legend and an icon in hip hop and says

that she is honored to be compared to her.

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have been rumored to be beefing with each

other for months now especially since the success of her single

“Bodak Yellow.” In recent weeks both artists have made steps to

calm down the rumors but that isn’t stopping the question from being

thrown at them.

The former Love and Hip Hop New York star did an interview with

Spanish outfit Rapeton where she was asked about her comparison

to the Young Money emcee. “It’s something great, why wouldn’t I

want to be compared of confused to somebody that is such a legend,

you know like an icon in the hip hop world,” Cardi B said. Just last

week Nicki Minaj reacted to more rumors of her beef with Cardi in a

tweet saying, ““I see no lies when Bardi quotes Barbie #WinAgain ~

all dat reaching you gon f*** around & pull a muscle…#BarbieTingz.”

That reaction on Twitter came moments after Cardi went on a rant on

stage one of her performances calling out a particular female for not

liking her before her blow up and all of a sudden want to be her

friend. Some folks like Joe Budden thinks that she was talking about

Nicki, but we still have no idea who she was referring to since she

never called any names. Cardi B also said that she is open to a

collaboration with Nicki Minaj, but only time will tell if that will


Both ladies are the two leading female rappers in the game right now

and just last week Cardi B became the highest charting female rapper

on the Billboard Hot 100 chart since 2014 when her single “Bodak

Yellow” climb to number 8 on the chart. The single is now at number

3, jumping five places this week. Do you think that Nicki Minaj is a

legend and an icon in hip hop? Sound off in comments below.

Nicki Minaj Finally Addresses Cardi B Beef Says Joe Budden Reaching

Nicki Minaj has finally addressed rumors that she has been quietly

beefing Cardi B .

Cardi B has been having a phenomenal year in hip hop with her

breakout single “ Bodak Yellow ” climbing the Billboard Hot 100 chart

to number eight . Some folks think that Nicki Minaj has been hating on

the former Love and Hip Hop rapper because of her success. Earlier

this week, Cardi took a few shots at an unnamed female whom she

said never liked her before her success but all of a sudden wants to

be her friend.

“You know this b*tch,” she told the crowd. “She never f***ing liked

me. And all of a sudden she wants to be friends with me. No, b**ch. I

still don’t like you, b**ch.” Some folks in hip hop like Joe Budden is

saying that Cardi B is talking about Nicki Minaj. Cardi later took to

Twitter to share her feelings on what she said on stage. “I know they

mad that I made all this money I made all my b**ches is laced

#mood,” she added.

Nicki Minaj wasn’t buying the stories about Cardi B dissing her so

she addressed the beef on Twitter by retweeting her while adding, “I

see no lies when Bardi quotes Barbie #WinAgain ~ all dat reaching

you gon f*** around & pull a muscle…#BarbieTingz.” Both Nicki Minaj

and Cardi B are currently working on new albums and are the top

female rappers in the game right now. Just last week, the “Bodak

Yellow” rapper became the highest charting female rapper since Nicki

did it in 2014.

Since people are always putting Nicki Minaj and Cardi B together, do

you think they should just duke it out or just go in the studio and

record a collaboration? Watch the video below to see what Cardi had

to say.

Nicki Minaj Teases New Music With WizKid For Her Album

Nicki Minaj has some new music coming with

WizKid that will be featured on her upcoming


The YMCMB rapper has been very busy since the

start of the year with a number of collaborative

efforts and a few solo singles. Nicki Minaj first

hinted at the upcoming collaboration with a

photo of herself and the star boy singer on IG.

Sources inside her circle told Dapstream News that the

single will be featured on her upcoming album.

“This is another record that will be featured on

the album,” we’re told. Our sources also

confirmed that the album is almost ready and

will arrive sometime in the fall. “Nicki has been

working on this record for a while now but the

wait will be worth it, look for it in the fall,”

sources said. “She always want to deliver a

masterpiece so don’t expect it if it will not be an

impressive body of work. All you need to know

now is that she is hard at work on this project

and will not stop until it’s one hundred percent


Nicki Minaj is also celebrating her 80th entry on

the Billboard Hot 100

chart when her new single “You Da Baddest”

with Future debut at No. 38 on the chart this

week. She currently has three songs on the chart

and showing no signs of slowing down. Last

year, WizKid was featured on one of the biggest

songs on the planet, Drake’s “One Dance” which

peaked at number one on the Hot 100 chart. The

single also received over a billion streams on

Spotify last year alone. Can the African pop

singer recreate some of that magic with Nicki

Minaj on this new track that they are working

on? WizKid collaborated again with Drake this

year before doing a major dancehall collaboration

with dancehall heavy weight Vybz Kartel.

Nicki Minaj & Quavo Secret Music Video Coming This Month

Nicki Minaj and Quavo recently shoot a music video for a secret

song and we’re learning that the cut is coming this month.

The Young Money rapper teased the new collaboration this week on

her Instagram page while on set with the Migos emcee. Sources

inside her circle told Dapstream News that the video is ready and will be released

the same time that she debuted the single. “The video is ready and

it’s going to be lit some crazy bars just watch out,” we’re told. The

track will be a party track, but our sources didn’t reveal the title.

Our sources confirmed that the music video should arrive mid to late

August and will be featured on Nicki Minaj upcoming album due this

fall. Nicki has been teasing the video on her Instagram all week

prepping her fans for another banger with the in-demand Migos

rapper. “We started shooting yesterday and finished shooting this

morning,” an excited Nicki Minaj said. “But it was absolutely ALL

WORTH IT! He’s a class act.”

“We out here shooting a video for your favorite new song that you

don’t hear yet,” Nicki added in one of the videos she posted on IG.

“Top secret video,” Quavo added.

Blac Chyna Wants To Be Next Nicki Minaj Launch Rap Career

Blac Chyna is gunning to be the next Nicki Minaj and has already

launched her rap career.

Yes you heard that right and this is no joke, Blac Chyna, the same girl

that has a baby for Tyga and Rob Kardashian is currently in the studio

working on some new music, TMZ reported. Sources are saying that

the retired stripper turned social media mogul has been meeting with

record labels including Capitol Records. Only time will tell if she will

land a major label deal, but if she is taking meetings and showing off

her skills to label execs then it means that she is pretty serious about

her next move.

Her music is described as poetry music and traditional singing, so

perhaps she is dabbling in rapping and singing just like Nicki Minaj.

Blac Chyna recently shoots a music video with Nicki Minaj and Yo

Gotti for their collaborative single “Rake It Up .” Sources are saying

that her appearance in the video and previous music videos before

that has inspired her to launch her own music career.

“She (Blac Chyna) is very serious about her music career and labels

are taking her seriously,” sources said. The celebrity socialite has

been doing a lot of party hosting at clubs over the last few years so

perhaps it’s time for her to take the next step and start laying down

some bars. We’ve seen other artists likes Cardi B successfully make

a transition from reality shows to a career in rap music. Blac Chyna

recently made headlines for her failed relationship with Rob

Kardashian. Rob famously posted a bunch of nude photos and videos

of his baby mama on Instagram while accusing her of cheating. She

threatened to sue for revenge porn and also said he physically

abused her.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are currently working out their

custody agreement for their daughter Dream Kardashian and all

seems to be going well. Court docs show that Chyna is currently

making way more money than Rob so it will be interesting to see who

pays child support. She also got a restraining order against him so

things are very complex between them at the moment.

Nicki Minaj Fans Says Meek Mill Is Petty For Bringing Cardi B On Stage

Some folks are saying that Meek Mill was being petty AF when he

brought out Cardi B on stage during his concert in Philly.

Let’s be clear, it seems like it’s mostly Nicki Minaj fans who are

saying that Meek is just as petty as Remy Ma to bring Cardi B on

stage. In the meantime, Cardi B is just out here trying to make her

paper. Following her performance with Remy Ma at Hot 97 Summer

Jam recently, Cardi B was accused by MInaj’s Barbz of being a

traitor, to which she responded saying, “Exactly idgaf about no beef

sh-t I’m not beefing with nobody I’m not going to miss opportunities

cause of sh-t that got nothin to do wit me.”

Last week, Cardi B posted a photo of herself and Meek Mill before

the two performed on the same stage for the first time. By the way,

Cardi B’s new single “Bodak Yellow” is lit and it’s climbing the

Billboard Hot 100 chart rapidly. “I f**k with Meek Mill the rapper but

he petty af as a individual,” one fan wrote on Twitter while another

added, “Meek Mill will forever be a petty ni**a so bringing out Cardi

B shouldn’t be a surprise. She don’t even know that she is being used

as part of his petty game. He probably smash too.”

Cardi B’s single “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)” is currently number

number 49 on the Hot 100 chart up from 78 a week ago. Meek Mill is

also currently pushing his new album Wins & Losses out now.

Meek Mill Says Nicki Minaj Breakup Is A Loss But Drake Beef Is A Win

Two of the main persons that came up when Meek Mill does any

interview about his new album Wins & Losses are Nicki Minaj and

Drake .

Back in 2015, Meek Mill famous started a beef with Drake on Twitter

that spawned the now classic diss record “Back To Back” from

Drake. An overwhelming amount of hip hop fans thinks that the Philly

rapper took a big L in that beef. Fast forward to December 2016,

Meek Mill had a bitter breakup with Nicki Minaj and again a lot of

folks in hip hop thinks that he took another L, and now he is agreeing

with that assessment, but not the Drake one.

Speaking with Power 99, Meek said that it was a win for him when he

beefed with Drake. His argument is that the beef cause a lot of

people to leave from around him and now he realized that those

people needed to go, so he is happy that they were removed. “It’s

always a win,” Meek said. “There was a lot of people around me

before that. They thought it slowed down a little bit. I’m spending

cake on these dudes left and right. We going 5-star everything.

Foreign everything. The minute it looked like it slowed down, I was in

the studio with 3-4 people. Had to hustle and get it back, so I needed

to remove them. I won. It made me into a monster. They put my

back against the wall…It helped me turn into the next level. I was too

comfortable. I had Nicki.”

Regarding the Nicki Minaj breakup, Meek Mill says that was a loss

because he loved her and has always wanted her his whole life.

“Breaking up with anybody you love is a loss,” he added. Meek Mill

also spoke about his recent feud with Miami rapper Trick Daddy who

went on Instagram and pretty much bans the Philly rapper from going

back to Miami, a place he called his city.

Safaree Samuels Still Want Nicki Minaj To Give Him A Child

Safaree Samuels isn’t totally over his Nicki Minaj breakup and we

hope his Twitter account wasn’t hacked.

Safaree, who is a star on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood”, took to his

Twitter profile on Thursday afternoon to let his fans know that he

wanted a baby with Nicki Minaj, or perhaps he still does and that was

kind of his way of saying it. “I really want a kid.. Nicki you were

suppose to have my child.. I can’t believe this is life,” he tweeted out.


The reality TV star’s comments on Twitter came just moments after

Nicki Minaj announced that she is dropping a music video for “You Da

Baddest” with Future at midnight. Perhaps Safaree say that Nicki was

showing off her banging body in a revealing outfit in the music video

and was having regrets. Safaree always maintained that Meek Mill

had a lot to do with his and Nicki Minaj breakup. Just a few weeks

ago Meek and his goons attacked him at the BET Awards in Los

Angeles, but he ran and later posted a video saying that he was out


Seems Safaree and Meek Mill were in competition on who can knock

up Nicki Minaj first and so far none of them did, so perhaps Nas can

do the honors. Since his breakup with Nicki Minaj in 2014, Safaree

Samuels has been crafting his solo rap career but so far he has yet to

find that breakout hit song. The Young Money rapper is currently

working on her new album, but so far no concrete detail is available

like release date and title. Some sources are saying that it could

arrive as early as this year. Since the start of the year she has been

very active with a slew of collaborative singles and a few solo efforts.


New video: Future ft Nicki Minaj – “You Da Baddest”

Future and Nicki Minaj premiered their new collaborative single “You

Da Baddest” moments before midnight.

The single sounds pretty fire with Nicki Minaj delivering yet another

fiery guest verse on another single. Once again Nicki used her verse

on another track to take shots at her foe Remy Ma and perhaps

another certain female rapper that is new on the scene. Future even

backed her up by saying on the track, “We know you da baddest,

baby, f**k them hoes / We on a different planet, girl, f**k them hoes.”

Future and Nicki Minaj have previously collaborated on smash hit

singles like “Tapout,” “I Wanna Be With You,” and “Do You Mind.” This

new track “You Da Baddest” is the latest duet from the Freebandz

rapper and the Young Money femcee. Future is also gearing up to hit

the road for his “Future Hndrxx Tour” starting next month. The tour

will see guest performances from Post Malone, Lil Yachty, and Ty

Dolla $ign.

The music video was directed by Benny Boom and features Nicki

Minaj and Future taking in some coastal wind and sunshine while she

donned a red swimsuit and he don a white T-Shirt and pants. Nicki

then dolled up in a shiny gold bra and panties that she compliment

with a fur coat while turning heads as she walked through her hotel


Meek Mill Says “Wins & Losses” Is Not About Drake & Nicki Minaj Beef

Meek Mill says his new album Wins & Losses

has nothing to do with his beef with Drake and

Nicki Minaj .

The album title gave the impression that Meek

Mill is addressing the Ls he received from the

feud with Drake and his bitter split with Nicki

Minaj , but the Philly MC is saying that the

project has nothing to do with those two

incidents nor those individuals. The

Dreamchasers rapper sat down for a candid

interview with DJ Holiday in Atlanta yesterday

where he opened up about a number of topics

including his recent encounter with Safaree

Samuels, the meaning of the album title and


“I’m letting the people know how I feel right

now,” Meek Mill said(via XXL). “I just wanted to

give people a real perspective of my life, what

we call wins and what we call losses. I lost my

case, we lost Lil Snupe, Chino lost his brother.

Where we come from, that’s a loss.” Meek also

said that the Ls that folks are talking about on

social media like his beef with Drake is not the

Ls that he is rapping about on the album.

“When you talk L’s and W’s, you get an L, that

mean you got life in jail,” he added. “It’s critical,

it ain’t what they talking about, so I wanted to

give my perspective on it, let people know what

I’ve been through.” Pretty much Meek Mill is

sounding like he is completely over the Drake

beef and the Nicki Minaj breakup and feels like

rapping about his late affiliate Lil Snupe is much

more important that addressing those old feuds.

He also hinted that he would be addressing his

legal troubles on the album. You can remember

last year he served time on house arrest for

probation violation.

Leading up to the album release tonight, Meek

Mill has released chapters one through to three

of the Wins And Losses Movie on YouTube. Each

chapter tells a different story inspired by true


Nicki Minaj and Safaree Beef Gets Heated On Social Media AGAIN

Nicki Minaj Confirms Pregnancy Or Trolling With Baby Emoji

Nicki Minaj either confirmed her pregnancy or is

simply trolling us when she posted a baby emoji

on Twitter last night.

Every couple of months or so rumors flare up

about Nicki Minaj pregnancy but we have yet to

have a baby. Now that she is a single woman

there haven’t been any baby on the way rumors

so perhaps Nicki is giving the rumor mill a jump

start on this one. After all its midway into the

year and she has a new album on the way that

needs promotion.

On Monday night, Nicki Minaj tweeted out a baby

emoji on Twitter with no explanation or anything.

Now we have questions that need to be

answered but she is radio silent. So, of course,

Twitter went digging and so far nothing. Some

fans think that the Young Money rapper is

hinting at a collaboration with Asahd Khaled.

Some fans even have some questions for Nas

who is rumored to be banging Nicki Minaj since

her split with Meek Mill.

In January, Meek Mill revealed that he got Nicki

Minaj pregnant

twice while they were dating. “I ain’t tell y’all

bout her being preg… Nvm lol,” he wrote on

SnapChat. There were also some rumors that

she got pregnant and either did an abortion or

maybe had a miscarriage. But what is Nicki

Minaj getting at with this baby emoji at the


Nicki Minaj Says Meek Mill is Mad Because He Can’t Fly on Her Private Jet Anymore

Nicki Minaj has shot back at her ex-boyfriend

Meek Mill rant last weekend saying that he is

mad because he can’t fly on her private jet


The Trinidadian rapper posted a video clip of

herself and stunting on her private jet while jet

setting from Miami to the U.K. She took a few

shots at Meek Mill and used the opportunity to

promote her new single “Skrt On Me” with Calvin

Harris. Even before she posted the video clip,

she used JAY-Z as a reference to take shots at

Meek Mill.

“Oh so u ni**az gon sit up here & act like #Wifey

aint BEEN tell y’all 1,” Nicki wrote. “Don’t lose

the baddest girl in the world. #EricBenet 2. Stop

throwing money ya ass ain’t rlly got. 3. Stop

posting them tired stacks on the gram oh but

when Jay say it it’s #bible tho. Bad btchs

unite!!!! We ain’t BEEN droppin jewels on these

ni**az behind closed doors? tuh! every girl is

making one of these 3 faces at a nigga right

now. womp womp #PrettyGang #FAX.”

Meek Mill went after Nicki Minaj last weekend on

Instagram telling his fans that she has fake

everything and also accuses her of bleaching her






Remy Ma Gets Trolled For Dissing Nicki Minaj At BET Awards

Remy Ma took some more shots at Nicki Minaj

during her acceptance speech at Sunday night’s

BET Awards and now she is getting trolled for it.

The Bronx rapper won the Best Female Hip-Hop

Artist award at the BET Awards 2017, which is

perhaps the first time in like seven years that

Nicki Minaj didn’t win it. She started her

acceptance speech on a positive note telling the

audience that she is a living testament to second

chances and even shoutout everybody serving

time in “Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, Albion

Correctional Facility, anybody on parole.”

Following that very positive opener, Remy Ma

couldn’t resist taking a few shots at Nicki Minaj

whom she has been beefing with since the start

of this year. “Y’all bitches got fat while we

starved,” Remy freestyle. “Shots in your ass,

pads in your bras / Y’all some liars, it ain’t no

facts in your songs / And yeah, that crown is

coming back to the Bronx.” She also shouted out

the legendary rapper/actress herself Queen

Latifa. Remy Ma is clearly still reveling in the

buzz that she got from that Nicki Minaj diss

track “ shETHER .”

Some hip hop fans, presumably a lot of who are

Nicki Minaj fans, think that Remy Ma is

undeserving of the award and Nicki or Missy

Elliott should have won the trophy. “You dumb if

you really think Remy Ma deserved that award

over Nicki Minaj, Young MA, Cardi B, or Missy.

BET was just being petty as sh*t,” one fan