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Beenie Says He Makes 5 Songs Per Week Talks Spice & Legacy In Dancehall

Beenie Man says he is one of the hardest working deejay in dancehall even after so many years.

The dancehall legend also made it clear that he has nothing against Spice despite their running last year. During a sit down on Nightly Fix, Beenie Man opened up about a number of topics including his legacy and current status in dancehall. The deejay insisted that he is still the king of dancehall because he isn’t baptized.

One of the criticisms of Beenie Man and other older deejays in the business is that they still feels the need to compete with the younger generation of artists. When asked about that top, Beenie strongly pushed back against the assumption saying he doesn’t compete with any other artists in the business but still work hard because that is naturally who he is.

“The problem is I cannot go a week without making five songs, I will be a mad man,” the Doc said. “Listen, music just come by the beat, you hear the beat and lyrics start build, so every beat that plays in the studio you build a different song for it. It’s not competing, this is my job, this is what I do, I make music, so without me making music then me at my yard sit down a watch TV or a play game and I don’t do that.”

On whether or not he is taking away attention from younger artists, Beenie Man said, “This is the problem with dancehall music, why one man have to get all the glory, why everybody cannot get them own glory?”

“Alkaline have him own fans, Vybz Kartel have him own fans, Popcaan have him own fans, everybody have them own fans, so everybody is getting them own glory,” he continues. “Why is it that I am a threat to everybody? Because you is that man fan and you want that man to be where I am? Two entity can’t hold the same space one of us is going to blow up.



Beenie Man responded to some recent
criticisms from his daughter Desha Ravers in a
new song.
Last month, Desha Ravers, whose real name is
Deshagaye Davis, publicly called out Beenie
Man for being a bad father. “Mi just think him
need fi step up him thing,” the dancer said.
“Him a mek whole heap a luu moves suh him
just need fi start be a man, a father and
everything inna one now,” she said without
going into specific details about her contention
with the deejay. “The person weh everybody
know out a road a nuh the person weh me
Beenie Man released a new single “Twingy
Twanga” where he gave his daughter, who is a
member of Ravers Clavers dance group, a big
shout-out. “Me stop from dance I would never
never / Me stop love Deshagay I would never
never / Cause all of my kids them born in
dancehall,” Beenie deejay over the Belly
Bounce Riddim, produced by Cornelius

Artists Tribute Usain Bolt After Loosing Final Race

The dancehall community is paying tribute to

Usain Bolt after the sprint legend lost his final

solo race at the World Championship in London

last weekend.

Bolt announced from last year that he would be

officially retiring from track and field after this

year’s World Championship games in London. He

wanted to retire from last year’s Olympic Games

in Rio, but his supporters urged him to do it for

another year. On Saturday’s 100 meter finals, he

was beaten by American sprinters Justin Gatlin

and Christian Coleman to win the bronze medal.

Gatlin won the gold and Coleman took silver.

Yesterday, Usain Bolt took to his SnapChat to

announced that this is his first ever bronze

medal and he is happy about it. He also insist

that he will be going out as previously planned.

Artists like Charly Black, Bounty Killer, Beenie

Man, Protoje, Ding Dong, Popcaan, Chi Ching

Ching and others have paid tribute to the sprint


“Big up Usain Bolt and all his accomplishments,”

Charly Black said. “Fi ah next Trelawny man, yuh

dun know. Big up Usain Bolt again. Not only on

all his accomplishments, but for letting all

Jamaicans feel proud to know that we have the

fastest human being on Earth. We’re thanking

him for putting Jamaica where it is, in his way, in

our generation. It is good to know that not only

in music we have people representing the

country. From one Trelawny yout’ to a next,

more life, more prosperity. Wishing you farewell

and give thanks again. You did it, and made all

of us proud.”

Beenie Man added, “To come into the world and

leave a global legacy that can never be ignored,

undermined or erased…dat name LEGEND! Well

done, my Lord. #Unstoppable.”

Ding Dong and the Ravers crew also show some

respect for the king. “For Usain, we haffi raise

the flag to the highest. Him give whole heap of

inspiration, from country to town to ghetto to

garrison. Bolt show that you can achieve the

impossible, because he has achieved the

impossible. Big up again Usain, from Ding Dong

and the whole Ravers. Manners and respect to

the don.”

reggae sumfest live stream 2017

You can live stream the 2017 Reggae Sumfest

music festival in Montego Bay Jamaica video the

players below.

Dancehall Night is on Friday, July 21 and Reggae

Night is on Saturday, July 22. This year’s lineup

sees some strong outings from the likes of

Alkaline and Mavado who headline Dancehall

Night. Other artists on the lineup includes

Aidonia, Bounty Killer, Masicka, Dexta Daps,

Tommy Lee Sparta, Spice, Shenseea, Tifa, Devin

Di Dakta, Iyara, Singer J, Ding Dong, and

Canadian singer Tory Lanez.

Saturday will see some big names in action like

Sean Paul, Sean Kingston, Jah Cure, Beenie Man,

Sizzla Kalonji, Mad Cobra, Christopher Martin,

Queen Ifrica, Kabaka Pyramid and more. You can

stream the show on any device including

smartphones, laptops, tablets and smart TV.