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Alkaline Denies Visiting Vybz Kartel In Prison To Make Peace

Alkaline has denied ever visiting Vybz Kartel in prison to make peace

and possibly record a collaboration.

On Tuesday, rumors started floating around the internet claiming that

Alkaline visited Vybz Kartel in GP. The reports alleging that the

Vendetta deejay apologizes to the incarcerated deejay and asked for

a collaboration in music and possible business ventures.Dapstream News reached out to sources in both the Vendetta and Gaza camp

who could not confirm the claim, the folks over Vendetta

categorically denied the reports.

“Alkaline never and I want to emphasize ‘never’ visit Kartel in or out

of prison,” a rep for the Vendetta told Us. “This is nothing more

than fake news made up by supporters of the other side. We too busy

making hit songs and making moves to even sit down behind a

keyboard and makeup foolishness.”

DJ-LYTMAS also reached out to our sources inside the Gaza for a comment

and they also couldn’t confirm that the meeting ever happen. “I don’t

know about that,” sources said. “Vybz Kartel gets visit from people

from time to time and there is a process to see him so at the very

least Shorty or management would know if that ago go down.” Vybz

Kartel and Alkaline are both rivals in dancehall and two of the hottest

artists in the genre over the last few years.

In October last year, Vybz Kartel released an Alkaline and Mavado

diss track “Round Corna” which solidifies their beef. That track has

since racked up 3 million views on YouTube.

Vybz Kartel Gaza Fans Trolling Alkaline Over This Photo

Vybz Kartel‘s Gazanation fans are some of the most loyal fans in

dancehall and it’s always best to not get on their bad sides.

By extension, a lot of Gaza fans will also support former Gaza

members like Tommy Lee Sparta. Last week, Sean Kingston and

Tommy Lee Sparta got into it with Alkaline ‘s Vendetta fans when the

reggae pop singer posted a video of himself playing with the Mobay

deejay’s hair and another clip of him sleeping inside his Porsche.

Alkaline took a subliminal shot at both artists calling them b*tches

and that didn’t go over well for the Gaza/Sparta fans. Over the

weekend someone went a dug up an old photo of Alkaline and

another man, but it wasn’t just another old pic. If you look closely,

you will see the man finger touching Alkaline’s nipple. This could be

just mere coincidence or it could be calculated. Nevertheless, this is

what the beef has come down to, a war of who have the gayest



The photo has been online since around 2015, and Gazation fans are

are going in on social media about it. “Long time we know that

Alkline is a fish but this prove it,” one fan wrote. This is the video

that Sean Kingston posted on IG of himself putting his hands in

Tommy Lee Sparta’s hair. Do you think fans are reaching or is there

something in this photo and video to be concerned about? Sound off

in comments below.

Dancehall Artist Accused Alkaline of Stealing His Song

An up and coming dancehall artist name Boasy

Brown is accusing Alkaline of stealing his song.

Last month, Alkaline released a new single

“Golden Hold” that has been doing very well on

dancehall airwaves since it’s debut. But now a

relatively unknown deejay has stepped forward

accusing the Vendetta head of stealing his flow

and lyrics. We provide a song to compare below

and Boasy Brown has released a video blasting

Alkaline for his lack of originality.

“I have a song name ‘Carry On’ you can check it

out on YouTube,” Boasy said. “I was sleeping

and my phone is just vibrating and when I

checked it out it was people texting me saying

‘Boasy Brown your song Carry On I just heard

Alkaline with it and it sounds just like your own.

When I listened to his song it sounds exactly like

my own and he is using my style just like how I

did it.”

Alkaline new song “Golden Hold” has already

racked up over a million views on YouTube.

Tommy Lee Says Alkaline “Used his Good Good Eye On His Art”

Tommy Lee Sparta is reacting to Alkaline using his eye on the cover

art of the single “Red Eyes.”

Back in March, Alkaline released his first ever Tommy Lee diss track

titled “ Red Eyes.” On the cover art of the single, the Vendetta deejay

cleverly used a photo of the Spartan deejay’s eye. The whole thing

was hilarious and now Tommy Lee’s response is even more hilarious.

“True him take my good good eye and put it in him thing (artwork),

so me just shoot up back him mask,” Tommy Lee said in a recent


The Mobay deejay released a new single last week title “Target ” and

on the cover art he used a Vendetta mask covered in bullets and

blood. Seems like this beef is turning into a war on who can come up

with the best cover art, but so far Tommy Lee has already released

more than half a dozen diss records. Alkaline has only released one

track and has side step the beef for the most part except for a small

jab during his performance at Reggae Sumfest last month.

Damian Marley Names Alkaline As Next Big Jamaican Artist, Talks JAY-Z and New Album “Stony Hill”

Damian Marley names Alkaline among the next big acts coming out

of Jamaica, but just how big is the Vendetta deejay right now and

how big will he get.

The reggae/dancehall legend sat down with Charlamagne Tha God,

DJ Envy, and Angela Yee on Thursday for an interview on The

Breakfast Club where he opened up about new acts in dancehall, his

new album Stony Hill , JAY-Z’s recent visit to Jamaica and

collaboration on the single “ Bam ” featured on the rapper’s landmark

album 4:44 .

“You have youths like Alkaline and then set of youths who are popular

right now,” Damian “Jr Gong” Marley said. “Am kind of more working

with some of the more conscious younger artists. Kabaka Pyramid is

one of them who I am working with personally. Chronixx just released

his new album which was a pretty good effort also but there are a lot

of young talent from Jamaica coming up right now.”

On JAY-Z visiting Jamaica to shoot the video for “Bam,” Damian

Marley said that the single was actually recorded in Los Angeles. “We

did the recording in Los Angeles and then after doing the recording

he said that he wanted to come down and do some visuals,” Jr Gong

said. “It was cool because that was the first time I’ve spent so much

time around him, he is very down to earth brethren and we had some

cool conversations. I also get to show him around Trench Town

which is where my father grew up as a young man. I just get to show

him a lot of family history.”

Alkaline Not Wanted In Kasanova Missing Case [Rumor Control]

Alkaline is not wanted by police in the Kasanova missing case despite
the rumors floating around.
Some folks online started a rumor this week claiming that Alkaline is
being sought by police officers investing the missing case of his
former associate Kasanova. The upcoming dancehall deejay
mysteriously vanished over a week ago and has not been seen or
heard from since. A rep for the Vendetta deejay told Dancehall
HipHop that Alkaline has nothing to do with the missing case and
cops have not contacted him.
“These are just rumors because them love to call Vendetta [Alkaline]
name on everything,” Alka rep said. “He is not wanted by cops nor did
any police officer contacted him regarding that case. I hope the
person who is missing is alive and well because we don’t wish bad on
any man. But Vendetta has nothing to do with this, point blank.”
Kasanova manager DJ Luxx is casting the blame for him going
missing on another former manager name Jay Bad whom he said had
a falling out with the deejay just a few days before he went missing.
Luxx told Nightly Fix that he fears something nefarious happened to
the artist.

Fambo Says He Is Bigger Than Vybz Kartel & Alkaline Internationally

Is Future Fambo a bigger more recognized artists internationally than

Vybz Kartel and Alkaline?

Both Vybz Kartel and Alkaline have been the two biggest artists in

dancehall locally over the last few years although some fans of the

genre may argue about which of the two is bigger right now. Without

doubts, they are both hugely popular in Jamaica, but just how well do

they stack up against other artist on the international scene. Speaking

with Nightly Fix, Fambo noted that his last album Evolve – The Uprise

outsells Vybz Kartel and Alkaline albums which were all released in


“You know that my album out did Vybz Kartel and Alkaline albums on

that chart… nobody no business,” Future Fambo said. The album

Evolve – The Uprise debut at number two on the Billboard Reggae

Chart in August last year. “Am not a popular artist in Jamaica,”

Fambo added. The veteran dancehall deejay admitted that he is not a

big artist in Jamaica and often gets out shadowed by bigger artists

locally like Beenie Man on the track “Rum and Red Bull.”

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Tommy Lee Sparta Supports Alkaline Says Cops Targeting Artist Unfairly

Tommy Lee Sparta defending Alkaline amidst more pressure from


Yes you did read that headline right. Although these two artists are

arch enemies musically they can still find common ground within the

dancehall space. In fact, just yesterday Tommy Lee Sparta released

two new diss tracks aimed at Alkaline and just last weekend Alka

dissed the “Uncle Demon” deejay during his performance at Reggae

Sumfest. Both deejays have been recently targeted by police officers

and Lee is now defending the Vendetta deejay who almost had a

another running with lawmen at Sumfest for use of profanity.

“Look pon Alkaline, dem man deh a go school from them little, and

now, all of a sudden, a bare badness Alkaline name a call up inna.

Just imagine that,” Tommy Lee Sparta said. “All of a sudden? And

when the man did a suffer him never bad? But now when him

successful, a now him a go bad and life nice now? The system just

love the foolishness.”

Tommy Lee Sparta also added that cops should not be too quick to

judge artists by their music because even he himself is doing a lot of

good in his community.

Vybz Kartel Fans Want Deejay On Next Sumfest Lineup With Alkaline & Mavado

Following a successful staging of the 2017 Reggae Sumfest, Vybz

Kartel fans are pleading for the deejay to be released so he can be on

next year’s lineup.

Some fans on Twitter think that Vybz Kartel could have done a better

job than Alkaline and Mavado who both received high marks for their

sets on Dancehall Night on Friday. Both Alka and Vado delivered well-

received sets at Sumfest this year with some fans calling Mavado

performance the best on that night.

“Worl’Boss would have done a better job and Sumfest would have

made a whole lot more money if he was on the lineup,” one fan said

on Twitter, while another added, “Hope them free Kartel in time for

next year lineup. Am in Canada and I would book my ticket same

time to see the Gaza boss perform.”

The last time Vybz Kartel graced the Reggae Sumfest stage was in

2011, a few months before his arrest in Kingston. Although he has

been incarcerated since then, he has remained a relevant dancehall

artist thanks to a regular supply of new music coming from his camp.

Alkaline Former Friend Kasanova Missing After Cryptic Message On Instagram

Alkaline former friend and upcoming dancehall

deejay Kasanova has been reported missing for

roughly a week now.

The last time anyone heard from the “Now You

Know” deejay was last week and around that

same time he posted a cryptic message on his

Instagram page. The message raised a few

eyebrows leaving some of his fans to think that

he is suicidal. “Kasanova – It will all end soon.

Rather die a free man than live in bondage,” he

wrote on a photo that reads, “There comes a

time when you have to lose your life to live your

life and lose all in order to win the one thing that

matters most FREEDOM.”

Some folks are saying that it’s a publicity stunt

on the part of Kasanova, real name Ariel

McIntosh. Nevertheless, we all hope that he is

safe wherever he is and will get help if he is

battling depression.


Kasanova’s family and friends have posted

messages on social media pleading with anyone

with information on his whereabouts to come

forward. Watch below a recent interview

Kasanova did on OnStage with Winford Williams.

His interview starts around the 7-minute mark.

Alkaline VS Tommy Lee Sparta – Reggae Sumfest 2017

Alkaline and Tommy Lee Sparta returns to

Reggae Sumfest with a big bang. The two

dancehall rivals put on a show for their fans in

Montego Bay on Friday night.

The new owners of Reggae Sumfest, Downsound

Entertainment, pulled off another hugely

successful staging of one of the most popular

reggae music festivals in the world after taking it

over last year. Both Dancehall Night and

International Reggae Night saw a massive

turnout of fans and local artists were in fine


Alkaline made a grand entrance on stage

approximately 6 AM Saturday and perhaps the

high point of his performance was when he

dissed Tommy Lee Sparta in his backyard at the

Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex. “Hey

bwoy Nyammy Lee,” Alkaline said on stage as

the crowd went wild. The Vendetta boss kicked

off his performance with “ Formula” a song that

French Montana remake for his new album

Jungle Rules

. Alkaline even performed his Tommy Lee diss

record “Red Eyes.”

A few weeks before Sumfest, Tommy Lee Sparta

made a statement warning Alkaline not to try

anything in his home town Montego Bay. He

even made reference to the “Champion Boy”

deejay using his eyes on the cover art of his diss

single “ Red Eyes .” But Alka ignored the threats

and did exactly what Tommy Lee Sparta told him

not to.

reggae sumfest live stream 2017

You can live stream the 2017 Reggae Sumfest

music festival in Montego Bay Jamaica video the

players below.

Dancehall Night is on Friday, July 21 and Reggae

Night is on Saturday, July 22. This year’s lineup

sees some strong outings from the likes of

Alkaline and Mavado who headline Dancehall

Night. Other artists on the lineup includes

Aidonia, Bounty Killer, Masicka, Dexta Daps,

Tommy Lee Sparta, Spice, Shenseea, Tifa, Devin

Di Dakta, Iyara, Singer J, Ding Dong, and

Canadian singer Tory Lanez.

Saturday will see some big names in action like

Sean Paul, Sean Kingston, Jah Cure, Beenie Man,

Sizzla Kalonji, Mad Cobra, Christopher Martin,

Queen Ifrica, Kabaka Pyramid and more. You can

stream the show on any device including

smartphones, laptops, tablets and smart TV.

Listen Alkaline New Single “Golden Hold” – It’s Fire

Alkaline drop a new single “Golden Hold” ahead

of his highly anticipated performance tomorrow

night at Sumfest.

Sources inside the Vendetta told DJ LYTMAS  that he

will be performing the new Lee Milla-produced

single at Reggae Sumfest. “No pretty boy thing

mi wild and mean / Mi a kick weh yo foot them

and f**k yo hard mek yo scream / Turn on the

show left the water fi steam / When mi done

with your pu*** yo walk and go in / She did have

a man but she no bother waan see him,” Alkaline


Since the start of the year, Alkaline has been

dropping a consistent supply of new music,

around one or two songs per month. Listen to

the new track “Golden Hold” below.

Are Mavado, Alkaline & Jahmiel Working On New Music

Mavado , Alkaline, and Jahmiel have formed an

alliance in dancehall called MVP and now they

are working on new music together.

The MVP clique, which stands for Mavado

Vedetta Patriotz, recently hit the studio together

fueling rumors that they are working on a new

project. Sources are telling Dancehall HipHop

that they recorded a song together that will

arrive sometime this summer. “I know a lot of

people have a lot of questions but all I can say

is a new song is coming from MVP,” sources told


Our sources didn’t give us a release date or the

producer behind the upcoming single, but

Mavado, Alkaline, and Jahmiel have a large

segment of the dancehall fan base. Some may

even argue that Alkaline is currently the leading

artist in dancehall after surpassing Vybz Kartel in

popularity, but that is still up for debate. The

three dancehall deejays have been beefing with

Popcaan and Vybz Kartel and a few of their

affiliate artists since last year. All three of them

will also be performing at this week’s Reggae


Alkaline & Vybz Kartel Lost Traction From Video Controversies

Controversy sells but not all the time just ask

Alkaline and Vybz Kartel.

Both deejays are embroiled in a music video

controversy with Jamaican law enforcement

officials at the highest levels. But that

controversy didn’t equate into views for their

music videos. Cops became interested in the two

deejays when they released music videos toting

guns with police cars and armored truck. Alkaline

was even interviewed by cops and released.

Kartel collaborator Masicka also spoke with


Somehow the controversy surrounding the videos

“ After All ” and “ InfraRed ” didn’t put more money

in their pockets. At the time of the controversy,

“After All” music video had around 1.5 million

views on YouTube and three weeks later it

gained roughly another 300,000 views. In

comparison, the “Loodi” music video received

around 1.5 million views during the few weeks of

its controversy. Masicka and Vybz Kartel’s music

video “InfraRed” even performed worst post the

controversy. Before cops launched their

investigation, the video received around 400,000

views on YouTube and three weeks later it only

gained an additional 150,000 views. Perhaps this

is a sign that dancehall fans are less interested

in crime-filled drama themed music videos.

YouTube pays artists US$1,000 for every million

views their videos get on the video sharing

platform. This means that both Alkaline and Vybz

Kartel didn’t profit much from the controversy.

Alkaline Gets Featured On French Montana “Jungle Rules”new Album

Alkaline is the only dancehall artist to get a

featured on French Montana‘s new album “Jungle

Rules” due on July 4th.

French Montana revealed the tracklist for his

new album “Jungle Rules” on Thursday and

among the star-studded guest list includes

dancehall’s man of the moment Alkaline. The

guest list for the 18-track project includes Swae

Lee, Alkaline, Quavo, T.I., Young Thug, Pharrell,

Travis Scott, and the late Chinx, who was shot

and killed in a drive-by shooting back in 2015.

Chinx was a close friend of French Montana.

Alkaline is featured on a track called “Formula”

and interestingly the Vendetta deejay already

have a track with that title. A rep for the “Nice &

Easy” deejay told DJ LYTMAS  that French

Montana reached out to him personally for the

feature a few weeks ago. “French Montana

called Alkaline personally and requested the

feature, he said that he is a big fan of Alka

music and want to get him on his album,” the

deejay’s rep exclusively told us over the


Sources also told us that this is just a tip of the

iceberg of whats to come for Alkaline this year.

“This is only the beginning, just look out for

some big moves coming very soon,” we’re told.


Cops In Alkaline Video Could Get Kicked Out Police Force

The cops in Alkaline controversial music video

“ After All ” are facing disciplinary action from the

commissioner of police.

At the beginning of the video, Alkaline and one

of his co-stars were driving a BMW through the

ghetto when they came upon a police check

point. The cops had on police uniforms, guns and

a marked police car. The cops in the video have

been reportedly taken off front line duty pending

the outcome of the investigation.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Clifford

Blake revealed that it is mandatory that police

officers get permission from the force when

engaging in activities like these particularly when

government assets like marks cars and police

uniforms are being used. DCP Blake says there

are no records indicating that the cops in the

video got proper permission.

Alkaline and video director Jay Will have issued

an official statement apologizing for the video.

The police commissioner will determine what

disciplinary actions if any will be taken against

the police officers. Sources say these cops could

get kicked out the force or the very least get


Alkaline Being Investigated By Cops For Totting Gun In Video

Alkaline is being investigated for totting guns in

his “ After All” music video.

The active investigation is coming from the

highest command in the police force.

Commissioner of Police George Quallo himself

has ordered an investigation into some aspect of

the video. The short filmed was directed by Jay

Will and starred by Alkaline and some members

of his Vendetta crew. The video contains a lot of

guns and police officers both in the beginning

and in the middle where a female dressed as a

police officer performed a sexual act on the

dancehall deejay.

The police commissioner wants the persons

dressed as police officers specifically to be

investigated and the police vehicle to be checked

to see if it’s a part of the official fleet of the


“We know that gunmen revel, are motivated and

cheered on by gangster music,” said Warren

Clarke, an Assistant Commissioner of Police. “It

is baffling how a society puts up with such

graphic depiction of violence and then wonder

why we have daylight shoot-outs and multiple

murderers. There is correlation between the

gangster culture of promoting murders, social

degradation and violent crime. I urge the society

to consider its conscience as we engage this

most decadent trend.”

Watch the video  below.

Watch Alkaline & Sean Paul Raunchy “Gyalis Pro” Video

Alkaline and Sean Paul drop a raunchy video for

their collaborative dancehall banger “Gyalis Pro.”

The video has been a long time coming. After

being shot in Canada a few weeks ago, the final

product is finally here. The two dancehall stars

have been close friends since they recorded the

song earlier this year. The Jonathan Poirier III-

directed cut features Alkaline and Sean Paul

hanging out inside a mansion with plenty ladies

as they get ready for a pool party.

Alkaline called Sean Paul and asked if he is

ready to party but then he asked for 15 more

minutes to mingle  with the ladies. The fun filled

video is already rocking up a lot of views on

YouTube since its upload on the weekend.

Did Alkaline and Popcaan Squash Their Beef ?

There are a lot of chatters that Alkaline and

Popcaan recently squashed their beef.

The two dancehall starts have been locked in a

heated feud since last year. For the most part

the beef has been one sided with Popcaan taking

a lot of subliminal shots at the Vendetta leader.

But earlier this year Alkaline finally decided to hit

back and that move spawned one of the most

vicious dancehall diss records in recent memory

“ Microwave .” The “Unruly Rave” deejay has still

not responded except for a jab during a

performance on Aidonia’s birthday bash in Ocho

Rios in April.

This weekend rumors started circulating on

social media that the two dancehall hitmakers

recently made piece while they were both in

Canada last month. But take this news with a

grain of salt because a rep for the Unruly camp

told Dancehall HipHop a definitive no when we

asked about the story. “No I don’t know of that,”

sources told DHH. “We are not even focus on

that right now our focus is much bigger that than

the next level for dancehall.”

We reached out to Alkaline’s camp for a

comment but didn’t get a response. Some

dancehall fans are already calling for the two

deejays to record a collaboration but that seems

like a far shot at the moment.