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Rihanna fans troll Chris Brown over birthday wish

Rihanna fans smell blood and Chris Brown is their target this time.
Breezy can’t get a break for even for doing something good. The “New
Flames” singer wished his ex-girlfriend Rihanna a happy 30th birthday
on Instagram yesterday and got hammered by her fans. Brown has since
disabled the comment section on the post because of the really nasty
comments that he was getting, but then the Navy take their trolling to
Some of Chris Brown fans pushed back at Rihanna Navy saying that he
should be forgiven for assaulting her several years ago. “Chris Brown
fans really want us to forgive his woman beating ass,” one fan wrote.
“Domestic abuse ISNT a mistake it’s a CONSCIOUS choice. Rihanna going
back to him didn’t excuse his behavior as most domestic abuse victims do
it continuously. He was cancelled after that & always will be.”
“Rihanna post the same photo Chris Brown post and STILL ain’t like the
man photo. I love bajan savagery,” another fan added. This is the
second time this month that Rihanna fans have attacked Chris Brown
for mentioning her on social media. Last week he tweeted that he would
like to go on tour with Rihanna, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars. The Navy and
Beyhive immediately went on the attack. Breezy has been getting a lot of
hate on social media when it comes to anything to do with his ex-
Sources told us that he is simply blocking out all the hate and noise and
do him. “He just blocks out all the unnecessary noise and continues to do
him so if he wants to wish RiRi a happy birthday then nothing wrong
with that,” sources said. “There are always these trolls on social media
who say the most and a lot of them are not even fans, they are just
social media trolls.”


Meek Mill Says He Dumped Nicki Minaj Takes More Shots On IG

Meek Mill says that he was the one who broke up with Nicki Minaj

and not the other way around.

The first real clear hint that we got from Meek that he dumped Nicki

Minaj was when he released his single “1942 Flows.” The Young

Money rapper announced on Twitter in January this year that she is a

single woman again. At first, everyone thought that she was the one

who pulled the plug on the relationship but now we are learning that

Meek has been quietly saying that he was the one who dumped her.

“He was the one who broke up with her and we been always known

that from the beginning,” sources said. “Celebrities relationships are

usually never really private but that doesn’t mean someone will want

to come out and spill all the tea to score some points. These two

were dating and they broke up that happens all the time and I doubt it

really matters who broke up with who, the relationship is done it’s

over ni**as have moved on and go about their business.”

Meek is also making it clear to folks inside his circle that he is done

with her for good and has no interest in evening speaking to her. “No

am pretty sure there is no rekindling going down, homeboy said it out

his mouth and what they broke up over is a huge deal breaker,”

sources revealed. On his single “1942 Flows” Meek Mill most famous

line is, “Cut her off, act like she’s dead and it’s killing her / New

dawn, Hermes seats, I left the ceiling up / Just to get to kill ’em



Since their bitter break up eight months ago, Meek Mill and Nicki

Minaj have not spoken to each other and they often take shots at

each other on social media. In July, the “Wins and Loses” rapper fired

off a diss on Instagram calling out Nicki for having fake everything

and basically saying that she made him sick when she takes off


Lytmas starts new record label “Dapstrem Entertainment”

Popular dancehall dj and business man dj lytmas started off a new music record label that is meant to raise and promote upcoming artists …in an exclusive interview with the dj, he said the major aim of the label was to raise the profiles and the career of upcoming talented artist ….”if you feel you are so talented and need a way out to the fans link us up “according to sources close to the dj ,the new label has already attracted many artists about thirty new artists were delighted. ..

You can stream the exclusive interview below …..

Issa Trap: Is Amber Rose Pregnant For 21 Savage

Issa trap. Amber Rose might be pregnant for her boyfriend 21

Savage and fans have been weighing in on Twitter with mixed


The celebrity socialite and the Atlanta rapper have been dating for a

few months now and things seem to be heating up for the pair with

these rumors of a baby. Their relationship has the feel of a giant

publicity stunt from the start and throwing this baby rumors into the

mix only serves to stir up more chatters from their critics.

Amber Rose even turn up the volume recently when she revealed that

she is madly in love and is going to marry 21 Savage who is 9 years

her junior. So she is having a baby and planning to tie the knot. One

fan on Twitter is saying it’s a trap. “This is nothing more than a trap

and everyone except 21 sees the end game here, dude go get put on

child support for 18 years, should listen to Kanye,” the fan wrote.

In a recent interview, 21 Savage says that Amber Rose is a really cool

person and she got him to take his vitamins and drink water, which

are things that he doen’t normally do. “She’s a real cool woman. She

treats me like a king,” Savage said. “She makes me do sh*t that I

don’t normally do, like take vitamins and drink water.”

Amber Rose already has a 4-year-old son with Wiz Khalifa. The two

got married in 2013 and got divorced in 2016 following a bitter split.

Meek Mill Reacts To Arrest Claims Cops Profiled & Targeted Him

Meek Mill has reacted to his recent arrest in New York City for

disturbing the peace and reckless endangerment.

Cops pulled over the Dreamchaser rapper last Thursday night for

allegedly stunting with his crew on motorcycles without helmets.

Sources say around five squad cars pulled up on the rapper where

one cop questioned him before putting him in handcuff and arrested

him. Apparently, Meek Mill was shooting a music video in Harlem

and was doing wheelies with his crew all while cops looked on.

The next morning Meek Mill walked free and was only charged with

two misdemeanors despite originally looking at at least a felony

charge which could land him in jail for some time. Sources around

the Philly rapper told Dapstream News  that he felt like he was racially profiled and

targeted by the cops who tried to pin charges on him. “The whole

thing just like like racial profiling to us because why so many police

officers had to create a huge scene just to pull over one man who

was not even armed,” sources told us. “Then they let this man (Meek

Mill) sleep in jail and couldn’t even find anything to charge him with

and then tried to pin two misdemeanors on him. The law

enforcement system is rigged against black men, but fortunately

Meek can afford a decent attorney. What happened to the vast

majority who don’t have the means of getting themselves a good


In a press conference with his attorney in NYC, Meek Mill says that he

is a family man who is hard-working, The “1942 Flow” rapper also

maintained his innocence saying he did nothing wrong. Meek has had

a number of legal troubles over the past few years including last year

when he was placed on house arrest for three months . His latest

running with lawmen won’t see him getting any jail time, but will

surely remind him of his many legal woes.

Rihanna steps In London With Boyfriend Hassan Amidst Chris Brown Documentary Drama

Rihanna steps out for a dinner date in London with her billionaire

boyfriend Hassan Jameel on Wednesday night.

Rihanna broke the internet last week when she posted photos from

her visit to Barbados for the 2017 Crop Over Carnival. After leaving

her homeland in the Caribbean, she then went to her home in New

York City and then jetted to London where she met up with her Saudi

billionaire boo. Rihanna and Hassan Jameel dined at the famous

Chiltern Firehouse restaurant in London.

The Bajan pop princess flaunts her curve in an ankle length black

dress, heels, and a Ralph Lauren hoodie that helped cover her up

from the rain. Paparazzi snapped pictures of the two leaving the

restaurant and leaving in an awaiting SUV. The two of them left

together. Rihanna and Hassan were first spotted together in June this

year locking lips in a pool at a private villa in Ibiza, Spain. They were

also spotted together earlier this year in New York City, but no one

knew that they were dating at the time. Hassan reportedly is worth

$1.5 billion dollars and is the heir to his family Toyota dealership in

the middle east.

Chris Brown released his new documentary earlier this week where he

detailed what really happens on the night he assaulted Rihanna. The

“Loyal” singer opened up about punching the pop star with a closed

fist . Brown also expressed a lot of regrets about his relationship with

Rihanna and you can tell that he is remorseful for his actions and for

letting her go. Rihanna seems to have fully moved on with her life and

is not looking back. In an interview last year, she said that Chris

Brown will always be someone she cares about, but she is now over

that relationship and clearly isn’t looking back in that direction.

Chris Brown Details Punching Rihanna With Closed Fist & What Lead To Assualt

Chris Brown has detailed how he punched Rihanna with his closed

fist during his assault on her back in 2009.

The R&B crooner’s new documentary Chris Brown: Welcome to My

Life was premiered on Monday and a good portion was dedicated to

one of the most pivotal moments of his career, the night that he

brutal beat up Rihanna inside his Lamborghini in California. Chris

Brown was arrested and pleaded guilty to assault charges and has

since served five years probation for the incident.

Rihanna and Chris Brown reconciled briefly a few years ago but then

their relationship still never lasted and they have since went their

separate ways. This is perhaps the first time that Brown is going so

in-dept about the assault and what really happened leading up to the

incident. The singer said that Rihanna had asked her about a

particular female that worked for him at the time if they ever hooked

up and that was one of the things that caused the relationship to go


“I think that we were just the perfect ‘unbad’ combination, it was just

good and bad together,” Chris Brown said. “I would say maybe a year

and a half into the relationship with Rihanna I would say I was

serious about it. You know I was always goofy about everything else

but with Shorty I believe I had what I wanted in my girlfriend. So I

said you know what I want to marry you but I want before we go any

further I just want to be able to be honest with you and be real with

you about anything that you ever questioned or have doubts about.

She had asked me when we first started dating ‘have you ever

messed with this person.’ This person she worked for me at the time,

so I said ‘naa’ because I didn’t want to say all my business and I

didn’t know who she would tell if I would tell her what am doing.”

Before he said all of that, Chris Brown spoke about how they started

dating at 16 and how dangerous it was for them both to be so

famous at such a young age. Brown said that he finally come clean

about eight months later and by doing that it dealt a big blow to the

relationship because Rihanna didn’t trust him again. “So about eight

months later I just broke it to her and I said I want to marry you but I

want to be real with you, I want to be honest with you and tell you

everything. This is what it is, before we were together me and this

other girl did have sex. My trust was totally lost with her, she hated

me. After that I tried everything, she didn’t care, she just didn’t trust

me after that. From there, it just went downhill because there were

too many verbal fights, physical fights as well.”

Karrueche Tried To Pull A Rihanna On Instagram But It Backfired

Karrueche Tran tried to pull off a Rihanna and break the internet but it

backfired badly for her.

Last week, Rihanna shared a few photos from Crop Over Carnival in

Barbados and the internet went crazy. Even Chris Brown couldn’t

contain himself and had to comment on the pic. Yesterday,

Karrueche Tran posted two photos of herself in a tiny bikini showing

off her toned body, but instead of breaking the internet, she received

a mountain of backlash.

The comments were really mean and even rapper Ralo weighed in

saying, “U looks better wit clothes on.” Karrueche responded on

Twitter calling out her haters for praising fake bodies and criticizing

natural ones like hers. She even got some support from her rumored

boyfriend Quavo who cosigned her natural body argument. Some fans

suggested that Karrueche wanted to get a comment from Chris

Brown just like Rihanna did. “She thought breezy was gonna post

something like he did with Queen Rihanna hahaha she comparing as

hole i knew it,” one fan commented.

Despite the mountain of harsh comments, the “Claws” actress did

got some support. “Bro I am blown away at the hate. This is a

beautiful woman Are y’all blind? If you don’t agree you Gay flat out.

Gtfo,” another person added. “She is just got a regular thin body and

she looks gorgeous I don’t know why so much hate, but Karrueche

keep your cloth on.”

One thing is for certain didn’t happen, and that is Chris Brown didn’t

say anything unless he used a secret account to comment, but he

didn’t say zilch. Maybe that restraining order that Karrueche Tran won

in court may be keeping Breezy at bay. Nevertheless, the hate she

has been getting is not unusual but is disheartening given the fact

that she is a gorgeous young lady.

Chris Brown Daughter Royalty Launches Kids Clothing Line

What were you doing at 3? Chris Brown‘s 3-year-old daughter

Royalty Brown is launching her own kids clothing line.

Breezy already has his own clothing line Black Pyramid and you can

see that he has been promoting it heavily all over his social media

pages. The new line will feature monster graphics, striped dresses,

and cosmetics, all personalized by the young entrepreneur in the

making. TMZ reportedly that Royalty’s mother Nia Guzman is helping

out with the threads.

Nia Guzman, who seems to be the main person behind the clothing

line, announced on Instagram that the grand opening will be on

August 6, and fans can get on the mailing list at the official website Chris Brown himself has not weighed in on the

new venture by his baby mama, but sources are saying that he is not

too happy about it. “She is just using her own daughter for money

and fame that’s the type of person she is,” sources said.


Chris Brown and Nia Guzman have been at odds for years over

custody and child support and although Breezy is winning the legal

fight, the drama is not yet over. The R&B singer is currently working

on his new album Heartbreak on a Full Moon , due later this year.

Usher Getting Sued By A Man and Two Women For Herpes

Usher‘s legal troubles is about to mushroom into a whole new level.

The R&B legend is getting sued not just by two more women, but

also by a man who claimed that he may have contracted Herpes from

Usher through sexual intercourse. TMZ broke the story on Friday that

three additional persons have stepped forward claiming that Usher

exposed them to STD through sexual contact. So far the “New

Flames” singer has been radio silent about the allegations but not for

much longer.

Well known celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom is representing all three

persons and on Monday she will be holding a press conference in

New York City with at least one of the women. The new lawsuits will

be filed in California where it is required for individuals to tell their

sexual partners about any STD. The two other persons want to remain

anonymous and will be named in the lawsuit as John Doe and Jane


Last month, someone went digging and uncover an old lawsuit dated

back to December 2012 where Usher settles a case against him for

$1.1 million for giving a female herpes. Since the story broke, the

R&B crooner was hit with a $20 million lawsuit and now these three

individuals are gunning for millions.

R. Kelly Dismiss Rumors Of His Tour Dates Cancelled Over Low Ticket Sales

R. Kelly has stepped forward to respond to reports that his tour dates

are being cancelled due to low ticket sales.

The R&B legend has been under fire for the last few weeks for

allegedly holding young girls hostage in what some people are saying

is a sex cult . Since the story broke last month, new reports have

surfaced claiming that some of his tour dates are being cancelled

due to low ticket sales. This morning, R. Kelly posted a clip on

Twitter telling his fans that none of his shows are cancelled.

“I want everybody around the world to know ain’t no tours cancelled,”

Kelly said. “Alright? Despite what you hear, don’t believe the hype. I

haven’t cancelled not one show.” TMZ previously reported that at

least four dates have been cancelled on R. Kelly tour including shows

in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Louisiana.

The Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles also confirmed the show’s

cancellation via a statement released to the media, telling ticket

holders that they can get a refund. “We regret to inform you that the

R. Kelly event on Friday, Oct. 6, 2017 at 8:00p.m. has been

cancelled,” the statement reads. “Refunds will be provided at point of


New video: Ne-Yo – “Another Love Song”

Ne-Yo is back on your TV screen with his new music video “Another

Love Song” which is the first single off his upcoming album Good


The cut features the R7B singer going on a date with his girlfriend

who is on her phone the entire time. His love interested was played

by model Candice. The date gets frustrating when he tried his best to

have a conversation with her but her only interest was in her phone

while taking selfies and posting on Instagram.

Ne-Yo get some relief when she left for the restroom and that’s when

he showed off his dance skills. The “Miss Independent” singer is

currently working on his new album due later this year. Watch the

music video for “Another Love Song” below.

Kendrick Lamar Bringing Out J. Cole For DAMN Tour In Detroit

J. Cole made a surprise appearance on Kendrick Lamar‘s DAMN

Tour stop in Detroit on Wednesday night.

The Compton rapper was performing at Detroit’s Palace of Auburn

Hills for another sold out show on his DAMN trek across the U.S. and

Canada. Coincidentally, J. Cole performed at the same venue the

night before for his “4 Your Eyez Only Tour” and was still in the city

so he made a surprise stop to greet Kendrick Lamar’s fans.

In the video clip below you can see J. Cole coming up from below

the stage and went straight into his single “Deja Vu” off his latest

album 4 Your Eyez Only. With K-Dot on stage with him, the Dreamville

emcee ran through a medley of his hits like “No Role Modelz” and “A

Tale of 2 Citiez.” This rare joint appearance on the same stage only

fuels more speculations about a joint album between the two.

Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole are two of the most respected young

rappers in the game right now with solid efforts coming from them

over the years. A joint project has been rumored to be in the works

for years now, since around 2012. This is the clearest sign yet that

that project could come next.

New video: Future ft Nicki Minaj – “You Da Baddest”

Future and Nicki Minaj premiered their new collaborative single “You

Da Baddest” moments before midnight.

The single sounds pretty fire with Nicki Minaj delivering yet another

fiery guest verse on another single. Once again Nicki used her verse

on another track to take shots at her foe Remy Ma and perhaps

another certain female rapper that is new on the scene. Future even

backed her up by saying on the track, “We know you da baddest,

baby, f**k them hoes / We on a different planet, girl, f**k them hoes.”

Future and Nicki Minaj have previously collaborated on smash hit

singles like “Tapout,” “I Wanna Be With You,” and “Do You Mind.” This

new track “You Da Baddest” is the latest duet from the Freebandz

rapper and the Young Money femcee. Future is also gearing up to hit

the road for his “Future Hndrxx Tour” starting next month. The tour

will see guest performances from Post Malone, Lil Yachty, and Ty

Dolla $ign.

The music video was directed by Benny Boom and features Nicki

Minaj and Future taking in some coastal wind and sunshine while she

donned a red swimsuit and he don a white T-Shirt and pants. Nicki

then dolled up in a shiny gold bra and panties that she compliment

with a fur coat while turning heads as she walked through her hotel


Chris Brown Thinks Karrueche Used Him To Promote Her Show Claws

Chris Brown thinks that Karrueche Tran is using

his name to promote her new show “Claws.” Is

Breezy just salty or does he have a real point

about the intentions of his ex?

Karruche recently won a five-year restraining


against her estranged ex-boyfriend Chris Brown

and although he didn’t contest it, he is still

feeling some type of way. Breezy is telling his

people that the actress is lying about those

death threats and physical abuse allegations and

that the only reason she took him to court

recently is to get some free press for her new

show on TNT Claws.

“The only reason for all of this new restraining

order BS is because she just wants some free

press for her show,” sources close to Breezy told

Dancehall HipHop. “There is a real effort on her

and her manager’s part to keep her name in the

media anytime she has something new to

promote. They are trying to live off Chris name

like some parasite. Homeboy doesn’t care about

her her but she is still trying to pull him into her

struggle acting career. Just wait again for her to

have something else to promote and you will see

for yourself.”


Chris Brown echoed the same sentiments earlier

this year when Karrueche’s best friend also

claimed that he threatened to beat him up and

thus got a restraining order. Although Breezy is

keeping his distance from her, he can get as

close as possible to her new boyfriend Quavo.

Brown and the Migos members got into a heated

confrontation at a BET Awards

after party last month. Someone from the “New

Flames” singer’s crew allegedly pushed Quavo as

they were leaving the party and that’s when

things went south. Thankfully security was on

hand to separate both sides or else things could

have ended badly.

Jay Z & Damian Marley In Jamaica Working On New Musi

Jay Z is currently in Jamaican drinking Guinness continue reading

DJ Khaled feat. Drake – To The Max [New Music]

DJ Khaled wasn’t joking when he said Drake

vocals were in because he just drop their highly

anticipated new single “To The Max.”

The collaborative single has been in the works

for the last few months, but in April, the We The

Best Music Group rapper confirmed that the

Drake delivered his vocals. Now the wait is over

because the track was released on Monday. The

upbeat single was produced by Cool & Dre and

Khaled himself. On the track, Drake raps about

loyalty and perseverance in the music business.

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“Got it on the dresser, I’ve been under pressure /

They wanna see me laid out on a stretcher

Gotta keep my head up / Get em right, get em

right / Now all of a sudden, people say we

cousins,” Drizzy raps. The track will appear on

DJ Khaled’s upcoming album Grateful due later

this month.

Another Female Stalker Pops Up At Chris Brown’s Crib [VIDEO]

Chris Brown has another run-in with a female

fan/stalker who pops up at his crib


The R&B singer’s manager posted a video clip of

the female fan outside his house with her

luggage and everything like she is coming home

from a trip. There were some reports claiming

that the female in question was invited by Chris

Brown and was even wearing his sweater, but

the singer confirmed on IG that he did not invite

her. “Sh*t scary… and y’all got me f**ked up if

you think she was invited,” Brown wrote. “That’s

management voice in the background.”

Confirmed  that the

sweater that she was wearing is just another

item from his Black Pyramid line that she likely

purchased on her own. He also made it clear

that he did not kick her out of his house, but

rather not let her in because she was not invited.

“Please don’t ever come back because you’re

trespassing on this property okay,” Chris Brown

manager told the female who refused to leave.

Sources say cops were called in to remove the

trespassing female and the situation ended

without any problems.


Last year, Chris Brown had another problem with

a female name Baylee Curran , whom he kicked

out his house for starting a fight. She later called

cops and reported that Brown assaulted her.

Cops responded and that resulted in a lengthy

standoff at the singer’s Tarzana home where he

was later arrested. No charges were laid out

against him after it was discovered that Curran

made the whole story up. Chris Brown has had a

number of legal troubles with females over the

years and currently has one with his ex-girlfriend

Karrueche Tran who is accusing him of

threatening to kill her. So she is currently in

court trying to get a permanent restraining order

against him.

August Alsina Talks Battle With Liver Disease & Depression

August Alsina has been battling a severe liver

disease and depression.

The R&B singer sat down and opened up to Jada

Pinkett Smith recently about his fight against a

severe illness that affects his liver and on top of

that his struggles with depression. “I have a liver

disease, where my autoimmune system is

fighting against itself,” August said. “The reality

is that I’m sick all the time. I don’t really like to

talk about it because I’m not looking for

anybody’s sympathy. Don’t treat me like I’m a

fu**in’ cancer patient ’cause I’m not.”

In a lengthy post on Instagram, August Alsina

ask his fans to pray for him as he gets ready to

hit the road for a new tour and still focus on

getting healthier. “I’ve been living my life in so

much dis-ease that I’ve literally created it within

myself,” he wrote. “God has invested something

inside of me, But I am not afraid of this Agony

because I know that God pulls us back to shoot

us FORWARD. & To my lovely and loyal fans..

Please take care of yourself and your bodies &

your SOULS. A beautiful face will fade, a

beautiful body will too fade, but a beautiful soul

is that FOREVER. I have so much to share, until

I do.. Please say a prayer.”CLICK HERE TO LIKE US ON FACEBOOK