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Popcaan Locked and Loaded For Red Bull Culture Clash

Popcaan is locked and loaded for Red Bull Culture Clash in Atlanta

next week.

The Dancehall deejay recently got back his US visa and work permit

and will be making his first appearance on US soil on August 25 in

Atlanta for the 2017 Red Bull Culture Clash. Dancehall industry

players have been voicing their support for Popcaan, who has been

one of the hottest artists in the genre without a visa. Sources inside

the Unruly camp told Dancehall HipHop that the deejay is ready to

bring home the title.

“Unruly is ready to bring home the Red Bull Culture Clash trophy, its

going back to yard,” sources told Dapstream News . “We have a big show and a

lot of surprises for this event. Clash is our thing, we invented that so

we won’t disappoint dancehall.” Popcaan and his Unruly gang will be

going up against other acts like Mike WiLL Made-It, Tinie Tempah,

and WondaGurl. The event will be at 787 Windsor in ATL and will

broadcast live on Red Bull Radio starting 7 p.m.

Last year, Popcaan appeared at the Red Bull Culture Clash event in

London as a part of Mixpak team which won the competition. The

“Unruly Boss” deejay famously played a Drake “One Dance” dubplate

on the show in a clash with Wiz Khalifa. You can get a piece of the

action in the video below.

Popular dancehall dj (lytmas) Facebook Account Hacked,The Hacker not known

Top dancehall deejay -[DJ LYTMAS] is the latest celebrity to suffer at the hands of hackers who have been targeting prominent showbiz personalities to swindle them of their cash.

About two hours ago, a hacker took charge of the dangerspin mix master’s  Facebook  account

The hacker is yet to be found as information reaches us that he might be a kenyan ….however dj lytmas has contacted Facebook team of the incidence


[ › merrick.ngara.7]

Listen & download Vybz Kartel New Song “Hello”


Vybz Kartel has been releasing a lot less new music this year so this

new song “Hello” will make the Gaza happy.

Kartel’s Gazanation fans have been begging him to release more new

music over the last few weeks, so perhaps he is heading to their

outcry. The single “Hello” was produced by High Stakes Records and

was released on YouTube on Wednesday. “Baby sometimes we

failed / It’s all good, let’s start again / I wanna touch you so much it

hurts / Would you be there for me girl / You won’t return my calls /

Don’t get your friends involve,” Vybz Kartel deejay.

Vybz Kartel serving a life sentence in prison for murder and is now

waiting patiently for his appeal trial set for February next year. His

massive fan base in dancehall is hoping that he will beat the case

and be free

Sean Kingston and Tommy Lee Sparta Deal Not Yet Official

Sean Kingston and Tommy Lee Sparta deal is not yet official

according to sources behind the scene.

Last week, Dapstream News  reported that Sean Kingston has signed Tommy Lee

Sparta to his Time is Money Entertainment label . Now we are learning

that there is no official signature on paper, but there are ongoing

discussions behind the scene between the two artists and their


“There is no official signing but there are discussions,” sources

behind the scene told Dapstream News . “Sean Kingston already

initiate an offer on paper. So now it’s basically for Tommy Lee and

his team to go through and see if it’s something that he wants to

sign. The two of them are good friends and great artists so we will

see if this deal will be official.”

Sean Kingston is currently living in Jamaica and has recently bought

himself a house and some expensive cars as he set up shop in his

homeland. Tommy Lee Sparta has been having a great year in

dancehall with a slew of new hits in heavy rotation on the airwaves.

“Haven’t been this excited about signing a artist since @torylanez..

mi nuh hide an talk @tommyleesparta is undeniably talented.. big

news soon come!! Time is money Ent/Sparta leave a comment if u

agree,” Sean Kingston wrote on Instagram

Aidonia Performs Vybz Kartel’s “Clarks” In Italy.

Aidonia is still repping for Vybz Kartel even though he has his own

movement in dancehall at the moment.

The 4thGenna deejay is currently in Europe on tour and while

performing in Italy last weekend he decided to pay homage to Vybz

Kartel. Around midway his performance, the JOP deejay paused to

perform a piece of Vybz Kartel’s 2010 smash hit single “Clarks.” You

can watch the video below, the crowd was singing along.

Aidonia and Vybz Kartel were close friends back in the mid 2000s

when the incarcerate deejay left the Alliance and formed his own

group Portmore Empire. But they had a falling out and went their

separate ways. Aidonia has since formed his own group in dancehall,

JOP, which he later renamed 4thGenna. Both artists have even

collaborated on the single “Deadly Alliance.”

Alkaline Denies Visiting Vybz Kartel In Prison To Make Peace

Alkaline has denied ever visiting Vybz Kartel in prison to make peace

and possibly record a collaboration.

On Tuesday, rumors started floating around the internet claiming that

Alkaline visited Vybz Kartel in GP. The reports alleging that the

Vendetta deejay apologizes to the incarcerated deejay and asked for

a collaboration in music and possible business ventures.Dapstream News reached out to sources in both the Vendetta and Gaza camp

who could not confirm the claim, the folks over Vendetta

categorically denied the reports.

“Alkaline never and I want to emphasize ‘never’ visit Kartel in or out

of prison,” a rep for the Vendetta told Us. “This is nothing more

than fake news made up by supporters of the other side. We too busy

making hit songs and making moves to even sit down behind a

keyboard and makeup foolishness.”

DJ-LYTMAS also reached out to our sources inside the Gaza for a comment

and they also couldn’t confirm that the meeting ever happen. “I don’t

know about that,” sources said. “Vybz Kartel gets visit from people

from time to time and there is a process to see him so at the very

least Shorty or management would know if that ago go down.” Vybz

Kartel and Alkaline are both rivals in dancehall and two of the hottest

artists in the genre over the last few years.

In October last year, Vybz Kartel released an Alkaline and Mavado

diss track “Round Corna” which solidifies their beef. That track has

since racked up 3 million views on YouTube.

Listen Vanessa Bling New Song “Bare Clown”

The former Gaza princess link up with Chemist Records who is

responsible for the production. Bling condemns men who wants to

please their women in ways that she don’t approve. The track is a bit

like a anti Ishawna and anti “Equal Rights” type of track, so it will be

interesting to see the response she will get.

“Come in like a bare tongue deh ya / Bare clown deh ya dog, a bare

clown deh ya / Man them a walk around a nyam f*** like dog, what a

bloodclat / Me a talk pure facts any man a say them want nyam me /

Me send mi dog and go shot that / Him not even tell me say yo love

me / My main man couldn’t s-ck me,” Vanessa Bling deejay.

Listen to Vanessa Bling new track “Bare Clown” below.

Vybz Kartel Gaza Fans Trolling Alkaline Over This Photo

Vybz Kartel‘s Gazanation fans are some of the most loyal fans in

dancehall and it’s always best to not get on their bad sides.

By extension, a lot of Gaza fans will also support former Gaza

members like Tommy Lee Sparta. Last week, Sean Kingston and

Tommy Lee Sparta got into it with Alkaline ‘s Vendetta fans when the

reggae pop singer posted a video of himself playing with the Mobay

deejay’s hair and another clip of him sleeping inside his Porsche.

Alkaline took a subliminal shot at both artists calling them b*tches

and that didn’t go over well for the Gaza/Sparta fans. Over the

weekend someone went a dug up an old photo of Alkaline and

another man, but it wasn’t just another old pic. If you look closely,

you will see the man finger touching Alkaline’s nipple. This could be

just mere coincidence or it could be calculated. Nevertheless, this is

what the beef has come down to, a war of who have the gayest



The photo has been online since around 2015, and Gazation fans are

are going in on social media about it. “Long time we know that

Alkline is a fish but this prove it,” one fan wrote. This is the video

that Sean Kingston posted on IG of himself putting his hands in

Tommy Lee Sparta’s hair. Do you think fans are reaching or is there

something in this photo and video to be concerned about? Sound off

in comments below.

Artists Tribute Usain Bolt After Loosing Final Race

The dancehall community is paying tribute to

Usain Bolt after the sprint legend lost his final

solo race at the World Championship in London

last weekend.

Bolt announced from last year that he would be

officially retiring from track and field after this

year’s World Championship games in London. He

wanted to retire from last year’s Olympic Games

in Rio, but his supporters urged him to do it for

another year. On Saturday’s 100 meter finals, he

was beaten by American sprinters Justin Gatlin

and Christian Coleman to win the bronze medal.

Gatlin won the gold and Coleman took silver.

Yesterday, Usain Bolt took to his SnapChat to

announced that this is his first ever bronze

medal and he is happy about it. He also insist

that he will be going out as previously planned.

Artists like Charly Black, Bounty Killer, Beenie

Man, Protoje, Ding Dong, Popcaan, Chi Ching

Ching and others have paid tribute to the sprint


“Big up Usain Bolt and all his accomplishments,”

Charly Black said. “Fi ah next Trelawny man, yuh

dun know. Big up Usain Bolt again. Not only on

all his accomplishments, but for letting all

Jamaicans feel proud to know that we have the

fastest human being on Earth. We’re thanking

him for putting Jamaica where it is, in his way, in

our generation. It is good to know that not only

in music we have people representing the

country. From one Trelawny yout’ to a next,

more life, more prosperity. Wishing you farewell

and give thanks again. You did it, and made all

of us proud.”

Beenie Man added, “To come into the world and

leave a global legacy that can never be ignored,

undermined or erased…dat name LEGEND! Well

done, my Lord. #Unstoppable.”

Ding Dong and the Ravers crew also show some

respect for the king. “For Usain, we haffi raise

the flag to the highest. Him give whole heap of

inspiration, from country to town to ghetto to

garrison. Bolt show that you can achieve the

impossible, because he has achieved the

impossible. Big up again Usain, from Ding Dong

and the whole Ravers. Manners and respect to

the don.”

Sean Kingston Signs Tommy Lee Sparta To Time Is Money Label

Sean Kingston is currently living in Jamaica and

he is not playing. The reggae-pop singer signed

Tommy Lee Sparta to his Time is Money

Entertainment label.

Sean Kingston has a contract with Warner Bros.

Records so this means that Tommy Lee will be

getting representation from Warner. Kingston

made the announcement on Instagram on

Monday without divulging the nature of the

contract. Sources are telling us that the deal is a

management contract, which means the Mobay

deejay will retain control over his music.

“Haven’t been this excited about signing a artist

since @torylanez.. mi nuh hide an talk @

tommyleesparta is undeniably talented.. big news

soon come!! Time is money Ent/Sparta leave a

comment if u agree,” Sean Kingston wrote on IG.

Tommy Lee Sparta has been having a great year

with a ton of new music dominating the

dancehall airwaves so this signing could be the

icing on the cake to cap off a great year.

Dancehall Artist Accused Alkaline of Stealing His Song

An up and coming dancehall artist name Boasy

Brown is accusing Alkaline of stealing his song.

Last month, Alkaline released a new single

“Golden Hold” that has been doing very well on

dancehall airwaves since it’s debut. But now a

relatively unknown deejay has stepped forward

accusing the Vendetta head of stealing his flow

and lyrics. We provide a song to compare below

and Boasy Brown has released a video blasting

Alkaline for his lack of originality.

“I have a song name ‘Carry On’ you can check it

out on YouTube,” Boasy said. “I was sleeping

and my phone is just vibrating and when I

checked it out it was people texting me saying

‘Boasy Brown your song Carry On I just heard

Alkaline with it and it sounds just like your own.

When I listened to his song it sounds exactly like

my own and he is using my style just like how I

did it.”

Alkaline new song “Golden Hold” has already

racked up over a million views on YouTube.

Watch Tommy Lee Sparta Sings Happy Birthday To Spice

Tommy Lee Sparta and Spice are both having a phenomenal year in

dancehall and last night was lit.

Spice host her 34th birthday party on Friday night at Oneil’s Car Park

and the show was lit, Tommy Lee Sparta, who performed at the

event, was in fine form getting the crowd hyped up. While performing

with Spice, Tommy Lee Sparta took a moment to sing her happy

birthday and the crowd was loving it.

“Am going to sing happy birthday to Spice but I don’t want anybody

laugh at me,” Tommy Lee said. The party also saw Spice performing

with D’Angel, Ding Dong, Chi Ching Ching and other. Both Spice and

Tommy Lee also performed together on the same stage last week at

Dream Weekend in Negril.

Is Dancehall Ready To Crown Spice The New Queen

Spice has already crowned herself the new queen of dancehall, but

are fans and industry stakeholders ready to give her the crown?

Last month, Spice made a bold statement on Instagram telling her

fans that she is the new queen of dancehall . “The New

#Queenofdancehall who vex,” she said. A lot of her fans agree with

her statement but some fans are not yet sold. Now that Lady Saw has

officially retired from dancehall, we need a new queen and Spice

seems to be the obvious choice right now.

Popular artist manager Ray Alexander weighed in on the topic saying

that Spice has proven herself over the last few years and is deserving

of the title. “She has proven herself over the past two years because

she has been dominating this generation,” Alexander said. “I don’t

understand why it is so hard for Jamaicans to crown new kings and

queens. I mean, from somebody claim the title generations ago, it’s

like they are afraid to acknowledge a king and a queen of a next


Spice has had a great career in dancehall and even earned herself a

Billboard Hot 100 hit as a guest feature on Vybz Kartel’s 2009 smash

hit single “Romping Shop.” Since then she has made a name for

herself with a slew of mega hit singles like “So Mi Like It,” “Conjugal

Visit,” and “Sheets.” Jamaica Museum curator, Herbie Miller, says

that the new generation needs to get their chance to crown their own

queen and create their own legacy.

“Who is challenging her as a risque artiste that the genre thrives on?”

Miller said. “I see where she is very much accepted locally and

internationally. Dancehall is often given a bad rap, but so is any form

of art that is new. I think a lot of positive things are happening for

Spice right now, and with Lady Saw out of the mix, she does have a

strong claim.”

Vybz Kartel Fans Begging Deejay For More New Music

Vybz Kartel fans are begging the incarcerated deejay to release more

new music.

It’s been two months since Vybz Kartel released a new single and

Gaza fans are hungry for more new music already. Over the last few

years, the Worl’Boss was releasing one and sometimes two or three

new singles every week, but these days fans are getting new music at

most one or two every other month. His fans are now feeling like the

slow supply of new music is diminishing his presence while his rivals

like Alkaline and Mavado are dominating the genre.

“When we going to get some new music from Worl’Boss?” one Gaza

fan asked on IG. djlytmasmusic reached out to our sources inside

the Gaza camp who told us that the incarcerated deejay is retaining

more control over his music and that is why we are seeing a slow

down of releases. “Addi (Vybz Kartel) now has more control over his

unreleased catalog so the entire team vet carefully whats release

and what don’t,” sources said. “A lot of the new music that was

released are from producers that Addi voiced for so we don’t have

much control over when those producers choose to release those

music. But going forward it’s quality over quantity.”

Despite the slow release from Vybz Kartel, the incarcerated deejay

scored his second Billboard hit single with “Fever” climbing the charts

and a few other singles in heavy rotation. Vybz Kartel has also been

releasing a number of collaborative singles like “Loodi ” with

Shenseea and “Chance ” with Sean Kingston.

The last song Vybz Kartel released was “Eagle” on June 10th, but a

rep for the Gaza told Dapstream News that new music is coming soon

Damian Marley Names Alkaline As Next Big Jamaican Artist, Talks JAY-Z and New Album “Stony Hill”

Damian Marley names Alkaline among the next big acts coming out

of Jamaica, but just how big is the Vendetta deejay right now and

how big will he get.

The reggae/dancehall legend sat down with Charlamagne Tha God,

DJ Envy, and Angela Yee on Thursday for an interview on The

Breakfast Club where he opened up about new acts in dancehall, his

new album Stony Hill , JAY-Z’s recent visit to Jamaica and

collaboration on the single “ Bam ” featured on the rapper’s landmark

album 4:44 .

“You have youths like Alkaline and then set of youths who are popular

right now,” Damian “Jr Gong” Marley said. “Am kind of more working

with some of the more conscious younger artists. Kabaka Pyramid is

one of them who I am working with personally. Chronixx just released

his new album which was a pretty good effort also but there are a lot

of young talent from Jamaica coming up right now.”

On JAY-Z visiting Jamaica to shoot the video for “Bam,” Damian

Marley said that the single was actually recorded in Los Angeles. “We

did the recording in Los Angeles and then after doing the recording

he said that he wanted to come down and do some visuals,” Jr Gong

said. “It was cool because that was the first time I’ve spent so much

time around him, he is very down to earth brethren and we had some

cool conversations. I also get to show him around Trench Town

which is where my father grew up as a young man. I just get to show

him a lot of family history.”

Ishawna Reacts To Getting Watered Off Stage While Performing “Equal Rights”

Ishawna has shared her reaction to getting watered off stage while

performing her controversial single “ Equal Rights” at last weekend’s

Wet & Wild at Dream Weekend.

The dancehall diva came out on stage in a raunchy outfit showing off

her banging body. Her performance was going well until she started

performing “Equal Rights.” Some of the males in the audience weren’t

too pleased about the performance of the single and that’s when

water came raining down on Ishawna taking out her microphone.

Tony Matterhorn pleaded with the audience to not get too unruly and

shut down the event, but when Ishawna returned to the stage her

microphone wasn’t working after getting soaked. “You know say

that’s how my thing set, always excitement,” Ishawna told Onstage

TV. “Festivities on top of festivities… The show was fun, the women

came out for me, so all the men that are upset.”

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New Vybz Kartel Music Video Coming With Sean Kingston & Gaza Tussan

A new Vybz Kartel music video was shot in Waterfor, Portmore last

weekend with Sean Kingston and Gaza Tussan.

Last month, Gaza Tussan and Vybz Kartel teamed up on a new single

“Sweetest Days” and since dropping two weeks ago, the track has

been getting a lot of attention. Sources inside the Gaza told

Dancehall HipHop that they have decided to shoot a music video for

the song because of the positive response that they have been


“The feedback has been great so we decided to shoot a video right

in Kartel back yard,” sources told us. “Sean Kingston came through to

support the shoot and the overall vibe was good.” Earlier this year,

Sean Kingston shot a video on the same block in Portmore for his

new collaborative single “Chance ” featuring on his new mixtape Made

in Jamaica .

Ishawna Sits On A Fan Face Live On Stage

Ishawna is living out her equal rights fantasies on stage during her

performances, just take a peek at the video clip below.

Ishawna’s career has been marred by controversy since the start of

the year. In April, she released a raunchy single “Equal Rights .” While

she got a lot of support from her female fans, she did get some

backlash from some of her male fans and also from some local

politicians who called for the single to be banned from the airwaves.

That didn’t stop Ishawna from performing the single especially


Last weekend, the dancehall diva was performing the song in

Hartford, CT, when she called a male fan on stage and sat in his

face, much similar to the lyrics where she sings, “Bumper to your

forehead / Show me wha’ your tongue can do / If you nuh have it

inna waist, you better have it inna face.” Nevertheless, this fan seems

to enjoy every bit of the performance, but let’s hope he is not a

married man.



Ninja Man Explains Why He Is Wearing An Eye Patch

Ninja Man fans grew concerned about the dancehall legend when he

posted a video of himself wearing an eye patch.

The legendary dancehall deejay has finally explained the reason for

the eye patch and thus putting his fans minds at ease. “Watch the

whole a me fans them a fret ya now,” Ninja Man said. “It’s not

nothing much, pink eye just got me in one of my eyes, the way how

me bad it can’t go for two eyes, because when it is going for people

it goes for two eyes.”

Ninja Man posted the video clip while he was in Negril for RTI where

he was billed to perform along with Alkaline, Singer J and Jahmiel.

The deejay said he was iffy about the performance due to his illness

and I am sure his fans will understand.