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DJ Lytmas collaborates with konshens in producing IT FEEL GOOD ALBUM MIX

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Stream: Konshens Drops Sophomore Album “It Feel Good”

Konshens drops his surprised sophomore album “It Feel Good.”

The dancehall deejay dropped the project on SoundCloud last week without notice. After dominating the airwaves last year with singles like “Bruk Off Yuh Back” and “Turn Me On,” Konshens returned with a full-length album. The 16-track project features guest appearances from Kosa, Tarrus Riley, Rvssian, Rick Ross, Satori, Bakersteez, and Shaggy. You will also find production from Rvssian, Don Corleone, and Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor.

Unlike his more hardcore dancehall focus debut LP Mental Maintenance, Konshens incorporate more international sound on this project like the trap infused single “Big Belly” featuring Rick Ross and Head Concussion producer Rvssian. There is also a more roots reggae lovers rock single “Real Real Love” and then the feel-good single “Mirror” featuring his longtime collaborator Tarrus Riley.

There is also the previously released singles “Turn Me On” and the original version of “Bruk Off Yuh Back” without Chris Brown. The album is now available on iTunes and other streaming platforms like Spotify and Google Play. You can also stream it below on SoundCloud.



Is Safaree Samuels Dating Juju?

Are Safaree Samuels and Juju dating?
The two Love and Hip Hop New York stars are fueling dating rumors
and some sources are saying if they are not already together, they
will be before the weekend is over. Nicki Minaj ex-boyfriend has been
in demand since his meat was leaked online a week ago. His people
told Mitego Sasa exclusively that his music sales and bookings

have gone through the roof and females have been turning out in
droves to his shows to get up close and personal with him.
But there is one female who is getting a lot of attention from Safaree
right now and that’s his Love and Hip Hop New York co-star Juju.
The pair was in Charlotte on Friday where Safaree had an event for
the CIAA weekend. The Jamaican born rapper posted a video of
himself and Juju in an Uber heading to Wild Wings to grab some food
with some friends. Sources confirmed that they did pull up at the
popular wing spot on East M.L.K. Blvd in Charlotte just after
“I called uber pool and juju was in here,” Safaree wrote. “This is
the 1st time I’m not listening to #hunnid & @iamjuju_ in here
hating!! Wild wings We on the wayyy! Straiitttt and don’t start y’all
mess pls!”
On a side note, right after Safaree photos leaked , newly single Juju
posted a photo of the two on her Instagram. She recently broke up
with Cam’ron and says she is single but not ready to mingle. Perhaps
she changed her mind after seeing SB’s massive patois meat
splattered all over the net.
Safaree also posted a video of himself signing his first boob where he
expressed how emotional he was afterward while reflecting on how
far he is coming since his breakup with Nicki Minaj. “I signed my 1st
boob today and dead azz got emotional after,” he wrote. “Signed a
bunch after .. necks hands and asses.. Im such a cancer life is
crazy. I’m grateful and still have alottttaaaaa of work to do… Thank
you to everyone supporting me! Straittttt.”
Safaree new single “Hunnid” is currently on iTunes and its fire.

DJ Lytmas sends his Mother ”Rose Owino” congratulatory message.

On 2/03/2018…Dj Lytmas Mother Rose Owino Graduated from the Kisumu Politechnic….. On the official profile page of DJ Lytmas ….he wrote….

Somebody help me congratulate my Mummy….
Love you mom…. More life…
#congratulations…. Following same path Mummy”



Vybz Kartel Give’s Popcaan A Huge Shout-out On Instagram.

There is no love lost between Vybz Kartel and Popcaan, at least not
on the Unruly side.
Kartel and his former protege have a strained relationship since his
incarceration in 2011, but over the years we’ve constantly seen
Popcaan giving him shout-outs on stage and on social media even in
the face of harsh criticism from Gazanation fans. While this is not a
direct shout-out on Instagram, it’s a good enough gesture on the part
of Vybz Kartel to recognize that Popcaan is still a product of his now
disbanded Portmore Empire.
The World Boss posted an old clip on the Gram a few days ago from
his single “Du Weh U Wah Fi Duh” which includes the Popcaan lyrics.
“Yo see the corolla and think seh a cabbi / A addi wi give u supm fi
deal wid u shabbi / Man a bawl and a seh don’t dweet mi daddy /
Popcaan a go wadda dem / Becuz dem no bad at all a mi name them
a call,” he deejays.


This track dates back to the early days of Portmore Empire before he
was arrested in September 2011. Two of the main contentions Vybz
Kartel and the people around him have with Popcaan is that he is an
informer and he never visited the deejay behind bars. Tommy Lee
Sparta also previously had a strained relationship with Kartel but
has since repaired that relationship and even visited his former
mentor at GP. The specifics of what he allegedly told police officers
are not known to the public, but over the past few years we’ve seen
Shawn Storm and Kartel’s sons, PG-13, release diss tracks calling
Poppy an informer.
Why is this Instagram video significant? Knowing Vybz Kartel, if he
had completely written off Popcaan he would not have included the
portion of the lyrics in the video. Perhaps it’s a sign he is sending
towards the Unruly Boss to make amends and let’s be father and son
Last month, Popcaan wished Vybz Kartel a happy birthday on his IG
and got ripped by Gazanation fans.

do weh u wah fi do, dweet!.. #VybzKartel

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#freeWorldboss Vybz Kartel Prison Visits At GP Suspended.

Vybz Kartel won’t be getting any visits at GP anytime soon.
Authorities have suspended all inmates visits at the Tower Street Adult
Correctional Centre in Kingston indefinitely. The move came after prison
officials discovered two large underground holes at the prison and
believed they were being dug by inmates who were trying to escape.
Superintendent Ivan Randall, confirmed that the decision to halt all
prison visits is as a result of the discovery of the holes.
Gaza sources told us that Vybz Kartel was expecting two high profile
visits at the prison next week and those are canceled. “Two well-known
individuals were scheduled to visit the World Boss next week and we
just learned that we have to cancel,” sources said. “So we don’t know
when visits will resume but we pretty much have to cancel at last
We’re also told that Vybz Kartel has nothing to do with the two holes
that were being dug nor was he planning an escape. “Addi got nothing to
do with the tunnels and he wasn’t planning to escape or anything like
that, he is focused on the upcoming appeal,” we’re told. “Knowing them
they will try to pin this on him to sabotage his appeal, but we are making
it clear that he has nothing to do with that.”
Clearly, this is some major development at the prison and authorities
says they are concerned about public safety. The prison housed over
1500 inmates and their families are already complaining about their
inability to visit their loved ones behind bars.
Vybz Kartel, whose real is Adidja Palmer, was moved from the Horizon
Remand center to GP two years ago. He is currently serving life in
prison for murder but is appealing the conviction. His appeal trial is set
for July of this year.

Aidonia Is The Biggest Dancehall Artist In Jamaica Now Says Seani B

Aidonia is the biggest dancehall artist in Jamaica currently, according to Seani B.

This is a remarkably bold statement from the BBC 1Xtra radio host who was in Jamaica recently partying and doing some label related business. While in Jamrock, Seani B stopped by Nightly Fix where he discussed the current state of reggae/dancehall in Jamaica and overseas. One particular statement caught the attention of everyone and while some may disagree with his assessment, no one can deny that Aidonia is having an impressive run on the music scene right now.

“For me the biggest artist right now out of Jamaica, for me is Aidonia,” he said. “I’ve been plotting and watching Aidonia’s career.” Seani B added that Donia’s smash hit single “Yeah Yeah” was the biggest dancehall single last year and that we can all agree with.

“Yeah Yeah Yeah, you have a thing that you call club deejays in England like hip hop R&B and the rest of it that don’t generally play dancehall,” he added. “They were playing that [Yeah Yeah]. I’ve had girls, Indian girls, Asian girls at my station saying ‘Seani when are you gonna play that yeah yeah yeah song’ and it’s so simple, catchy, and I think Aidonia’s flow on it is like second level. It’s very advanced, it’s got everything that you needs.”

Seani B also addressed his controversial interview with Popcaan from last year where the Unruly Boss infamously said 99% of dancehall hates him and if Vybz Kartel hates him, he will still prevail. “With the Popcaan thing, he was just talking and then he kind of just went off on a rant about Kartel,” the disc jockey said. “He didn’t talk about Kartel in that manner and when he said 99%, it was the internet that talked about the Kartel thing. What he said was 99% of artists hate him, Alkaline has more or less said that to me, as many dancehall artists have said that to me.”

Beenie Says He Makes 5 Songs Per Week Talks Spice & Legacy In Dancehall

Beenie Man says he is one of the hardest working deejay in dancehall even after so many years.

The dancehall legend also made it clear that he has nothing against Spice despite their running last year. During a sit down on Nightly Fix, Beenie Man opened up about a number of topics including his legacy and current status in dancehall. The deejay insisted that he is still the king of dancehall because he isn’t baptized.

One of the criticisms of Beenie Man and other older deejays in the business is that they still feels the need to compete with the younger generation of artists. When asked about that top, Beenie strongly pushed back against the assumption saying he doesn’t compete with any other artists in the business but still work hard because that is naturally who he is.

“The problem is I cannot go a week without making five songs, I will be a mad man,” the Doc said. “Listen, music just come by the beat, you hear the beat and lyrics start build, so every beat that plays in the studio you build a different song for it. It’s not competing, this is my job, this is what I do, I make music, so without me making music then me at my yard sit down a watch TV or a play game and I don’t do that.”

On whether or not he is taking away attention from younger artists, Beenie Man said, “This is the problem with dancehall music, why one man have to get all the glory, why everybody cannot get them own glory?”

“Alkaline have him own fans, Vybz Kartel have him own fans, Popcaan have him own fans, everybody have them own fans, so everybody is getting them own glory,” he continues. “Why is it that I am a threat to everybody? Because you is that man fan and you want that man to be where I am? Two entity can’t hold the same space one of us is going to blow up.

Ninjaman Waiting On Vybz Kartel Appeal To Weigh His Options

Ninjaman is weighing his options to appeal but seems its heavily dependent on the outcome of Vybz Kartel appeal.

The dancehall icon is two months into his life sentence and already he is considering filing an appeal for a new trial. Sources told Urban Islandz that Ninjaman felt like he was never given a fair trial and the prosecution used a witness who he feels wasn’t credible. Additionally, he thinks that his murder conviction was the authority’s way of sending a message amidst the rapid rise in crime rate across the island.

“They set an example out of him purely because he is a famous entertainer, it was almost like they used his old sins against him,” a rep for Ninjaman told us. “Was that fair for him, of course not. It’s like getting convicted even before the trial started.”

Now that Ninjaman and his attorney are weighing his appeal options, one of the things that they discussed is Vybz Kartel upcoming appeal trial which is set for July this year after being pushed by from February. Ninja’s lawyer, Valerie Neita-Robertson is also one of the lawyers on Vybz Kartel’s case.

“Being that they are two high profile artists, the system will want to keep them locked up to send a message,” sources said. “Although both cases are totally different, the fact that they’re two big-name entertainers, the system will treat them different, they will have a tougher trial because of the added press around their cases. The government will not want to look bad on the world stage. Remember these two cases made headlines around the world, so think about how bad they will look if both of them walk free on appeal.”

Vybz Kartel’s attorneys were the ones who asked the appeal court judge for more time to prepare for the case. We’re told that Ninjaman trial also played a role in that decision, the lawyers felt like that case was too close to the appeal trial and would be too fresh in the judges mind.

The lawyers know that they will have to present a near-perfect case and even then, they still have an uphill battle to prove Vybz Kartel’s innocence. “Kartel is at a disadvantage any way you look at it but yet still he has a stronger case than Ninjaman so it makes perfect sense that he would want to wait on the outcome of that case to make his next move,” his rep added. “The worst case scenario is they both spend the rest of their lives in prison.”

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, was sentenced to prison for life for murdering his friend Clive “Lizard” Williams. His protege Shawn Storm, and friends Kahira Jones and Andre St John were also convicted and sent to prison for life. The aced dancehall star will have to serve 35 years before being eligible for parole. In contract, Ninjaman, real name Desmond Ballentine, will have to serve 25 years before getting a parole hearing. By then both artists will be in their 70s.

Download:World Vibes Riddim Mix











DJ LYTMAS is set to unleash 100
new mixtapes over the next twelve months, of 2018.Dapstream News has learned.
On Wednesday, December 27, the deejay sent his fans into a frenzy after announcing that he’ll be releasing new mixtapes in 2018.-almost weekly
“Ruffmix . hear ma seh nuh man a 100 new
Mixes ,just get di 100GB sd card n get ready
#GAZANATION #VENDETTA #GULLY #GEHNASYDE ,” lytmas wrote on social media.
A source close to the Kenyan dj  told Magazines
exclusively that they have even more than that number in their possession.
“We have more mixtapes ready
to be release so 2018 is going to be a total
DJ LYTMAS takeover,” The source revealed.
“This doesn’t necessarily mean he is going to
release the exact number but we have so
much to choose from so fans can expect more
hit tapes, more quality music, from the Dangerspin Master,” the source added.
DJ LYTMAS , whose real name is Merrick Owino , is currently studying ”BIT”at Strathmore University . Despite being in School ”Merrick” has remained relevant in
the djing field with a vast supply of new mixtapes.

Dabby K tops Kenya itunes album chart with Ruler Album

”Ruler”’ the worldwide release from
reggae/dancehall artiste Dabby K has sailed to
the top of the Kenyan ITunes reggae album chart.
The 11 track disc which is distributed by Dapstrem Entertainment, has already hit the top of Dapstrem’s
ITunes reggae album chart. It also ranked inside
the top ten of the ITunes charts in the label.
In a release to the media, Dabby K highlighted
the positive feedback and the promotions
surrounding the album.
“The feedback to the album has been great. We just got
back from Mombasa where we did a few album
release parties which went well. The album is
doing well on ITunes even before the physical CD and Release is made available”, said Dabby K.
”Tyler” features collaborations with
rising newcomer Sky Man and His Own Producer.
Tracks include:

•Call Mi Yuh Ruler

•Dance Fi Mi

•Dancehall Daddy 

•God Ami Everything 
Dabby K is currently riding the music charts in
Dapstrem Ent and in key reggae markets with the
songs Call Mi Yuh Ruler (produced by MK2 Records) and Dance Fi Mi(Ankle Zeen).
Additionally, Dabby K has been flexing his
muscles as a budding entrepreneur. He recently
debuted his label ”Ankle Zeen”.



*((((((( Track List )))))))*
1. Vybz Kartel – Christmas Fck
2. Aidonia x Govana – Breeze
3. Vybz Kartel – Mhm Hm
4. Ding Dong – Fling Yuh Shoulda
5. Pternsky – Enjoy Yourself
6. Vybz Kartel – Wine To Di Top
7. Vybz Kartel – Western Union
8. Masicka – 10 Outa 10
9. Yanique Curvy Diva – Lifestyle
10. Spice & D’Angel – No Worries
11. Teejay – Home (feat. Kapella Don)
12. Masicka – Kill Quick
13. Masicka – Knock It
14. Tommy Lee Sparta – Target
15. Tommy Lee Sparta – Grim Rim Rave
16. Vanessa Bling – Best Friend
17. Popcaan – Up Forever
18. Rdx – Traffic
19. Rdx – Drop Dat
20. Rdx – Shake Your Bam Bam
21. Rdx – Jump
22. Shenseea – Dynamite
23. Shenseea – Success Story
24. Tommy Lee Sparta – Savage Life
25. Tommy Lee Sparta – Team Up
26. Tarrus Riley – Just The Way You Are
27. Ding Dong feat. Shenseea – Rock The Floor
28. Mavado – Laugh And Gwan
29. Aidonia – Set Fi Di Backshot
30. Aidonia – Bruise
31. Mavado – All Night
32. Mavado – Forever
33. Razer B – Mek U Wha Bruk Fi Mi Back
34. Spice – Sheet
35. Vybz Kartel – Love it
36. VybzKartel – Fever
37. Vybz Kartel – Xmas Time
38. Aidonia – Dem Badness Fraud
39.Vybz Kartel – How

Dabby K meets his manager Lytmas

Kenyan dancehall artist better known as Dapstrem’s finest, Dabby K
has finally seen one of his dreams come true after meeting
his Dapstrem Entertainment Management C.E.O. Dj Lytmas.
Dabby K who was earlier announced as the Celebrity Ambassador for
the label, a music label which aims to help upcoming artists exploit their talents by distribution of their arts.
Dabby K who had access to the Skate park area posed for a photo
with the mogul and posted it on his Facebook page.Dabby K later left The K.I.C.C for Ruiru where he spent his night with the Dapstrem team.

Alkaline Accused Of Stealing Popcaan Style In New Song

Alkaline is being accused of stealing Popcaan ‘s flow for his new
song “Hard Tackle.”
Dapstream News reported this week that Alkaline new song “Hard
Tackle” is the top trending dancehall song on YouTube. The anti-
haters anthem was released on Saturday and already it’s stirring up
some controversies with Popcaan fans going on the attack claiming
that the Vendetta boss bites his style from his 2016 hustle anthem
“ Nah Idle .”
Poppy injected a catchy line in the chorus “You cyaa just a idle, a
idle, a idle, a idle / Granny tell mi say yo mouth need waan bible.”
Fans are comparing that line to Alkaline’s chorus “That’s why me
say hard tackle, hard tackle, Hard tackle, hard tackle / Life everyday
is a hard battle.” Listening to the two songs you will hear a distinct
difference, but the Unruly fans are adamant that their artist’s style
was used by the Vendetta leader.
Alkaline fans are pushing back saying he would never copy Popcaan
or any artists. “Alkaline on a different level from everyone and that is
the truth about this music and some Jamaica people they are so
fool,” one fan wrote. “Alkaline do everything in is own way to please
his self and the vendetta families who show him love in everything
that he do in music.”
Some fans are saying that there are more similarities between “Hard
Tackle” and an old Mavado song “Gun Battle” than with Popcaan
“Nah Idle.” In fact, Popcaan was widely criticized by Vendetta fans
last year for stealing Alkaline’s “New Level Unlocked.” Listen to the
two songs below and make your own judgment.

Popcaan Drops New Song “Can’t Box” Shows Off Expensive Jewelry

Popcaan sends a clear message to his enemies in his new single

“Nuh Bwoy Can’t Box.”

The Unruly Boss dropped the new gangsta anthem last night and

took a moment to show off his pricey jewelry collection. The gritty

single is featured on the Panic Riddim, produced by JAM 2 Records

and DRE Swade. “If bwoy diss me in a day mi naan go kill them

night / Same place deso him a loose him life / Bombohole head

buss off like a f**king sprite, unruly / No pu**y cyan diss mi pon

god earth, no / Unless me bloodclat hand naan work / Mi guns and

mi killy them alert,” Popcaan spits.

Popcaan also took the opportunity to show off his expensive

watches and chains including a massive Unruly chain. Poppy has

been having a great year and has a chance to make history at next

month’s MOBO Awards in the UK if wins. The “Party Shot” deejay is

going up against artists like Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Aidonia,

Chronixx, and his arch nemesis Alkaline. Popcaan won the MOBO

award for Best Reggae Act for the past two years and this year

could be his third straight year.

Vybz Kartel’s Gazanation Fans Angry Over MOBO Awards Snub

Vybz Kartel was not among the five names nominated for the 2017

MOBO Award for Best Reggae Act and his are furious.

The list of nominees for the 2017 Music Of Black Origin (MOBO)

Awards for Best Reggae Act came out last week and all five

nominees are local Jamaican artists. Popcaan, Alkaline, Aidonia,

Chronixx, and Damian Marley are the five nominees this year. A lot

of dancehall fans are again questioning why Vybz Kartel was

snubbed despite having a massive year last year which continues

into this year.

“The system trying to fight against the boss [Vybz Kartel] but they

can’t stop him,” one fan wrote. “Kartel had a bigger year than

Popcaan, Aidonia, and Alkaline and yet he was not nominated for a

MOBO are you kidding me. This is utter nonsense and that’s why

people can’t take these awards serious anymore.”

Fans echoed some similar sentiments last year when the deejay was

not nominated. There is an underlining reason why Vybz Kartel may

not get a MOBO nomination, at least as long as he is behind bars he

may never get a nomination per the rules of the award show.

Additionally, MOBO is based in the UK where most radio stations are

barred from playing songs from convicted felons who are serving

time behind bars like Vybz Kartel who is doing life for a murder


One fan criticized those fans who are angry at Kartel’s MOBO snub

while drawing reference to his album sales numbers last year. “Don’t

make music fool you prison is taking a hold on Vybz Kartel Now you

cannot be in prison for murder and get the mobo award and apart

from that he’s not doing any live performance 3249 in 15 weeks

sales for the top dancehall artists of 2016 that’s a shame on

dancehall and Vybz Kartel the great Shabba Ranks used to sell

millions and Beenie Man gaza fans please don’t even brag about it

on YouTube 3249 copies that’s a shame on Kartel?” Joel wrote.

Despite being incarcerated since 2011, he has remained in the top

echelon of dancehall with a consistent supply of new music. Last

year, he came under investigation under orders directly from the

Ministry of National Security for allegations that he has been

recording music in prison, something that would be illegal and could

potentially send him into solitary confinement. Nevertheless, new

music continues to pour out of Vybz Kartel coffers like hot bread and

he is showing no signs of slowing down.

Vybz Kartel Dropping New Single “All Aboard” On Friday

Vybz Kartel is far from being done dropping new music. The aced

dancehall star will be dropping a new song “All Aboard” this Friday.

Kartel has been dropping around two songs a week since around the

end of August and he is showing no signs of slowing down. Our

Gaza sources told us that a major project is on the way but in the

meantime, fans can enjoy a regular supply of new singles. “We are

working on a big project, some big, much bigger than any previous

album Worl’Boss release,” sources said. “Look out for a new banger

this Friday on premiere on Irie FM.”

The incarcerated deejay also announced the new single “All Aboard”

on his Instagram page. The track was produced by TJ Records, who

is also the producer behind his new project. The track will be

premiered by DJ Wayne on Irie FM on Friday afternoon. “LISTEN

NOW.. You either ON the boat with the ballers n b**ches… or you

UNder the boat with the sharks n fishes! #Dj Wayne premier this

Friday on #IRIEFM ALL ABOARD ALL ABOARD,” Vybz Kartel wrote.


Kartel currently has two of the hottest songs in dancehall, with

“Mhm Hm” and “Don’t Come Back” racking up the views on

YouTube. The song “ Mhm Hm ” has already amassed three million

views in three weeks, clocking around a million a week.

Stream and Download(Vybz Kartel vs Alkaline Mixtape)by DJ LYTMAS