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Vybz Kartel Dropping New Single “All Aboard” On Friday

Vybz Kartel is far from being done dropping new music. The aced

dancehall star will be dropping a new song “All Aboard” this Friday.

Kartel has been dropping around two songs a week since around the

end of August and he is showing no signs of slowing down. Our

Gaza sources told us that a major project is on the way but in the

meantime, fans can enjoy a regular supply of new singles. “We are

working on a big project, some big, much bigger than any previous

album Worl’Boss release,” sources said. “Look out for a new banger

this Friday on premiere on Irie FM.”

The incarcerated deejay also announced the new single “All Aboard”

on his Instagram page. The track was produced by TJ Records, who

is also the producer behind his new project. The track will be

premiered by DJ Wayne on Irie FM on Friday afternoon. “LISTEN

NOW.. You either ON the boat with the ballers n b**ches… or you

UNder the boat with the sharks n fishes! #Dj Wayne premier this

Friday on #IRIEFM ALL ABOARD ALL ABOARD,” Vybz Kartel wrote.


Kartel currently has two of the hottest songs in dancehall, with

“Mhm Hm” and “Don’t Come Back” racking up the views on

YouTube. The song “ Mhm Hm ” has already amassed three million

views in three weeks, clocking around a million a week.


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Dabby K Shines at celebrity Thursday show [Photos]

Dabby K , a kenyan dancehall reggae artiste, gave one of the cleanest performance yesterday more than we’ve seen in the recent past.

The artiste who was the main act at the Celebrity Thursday

party, on Thursday  at the Dan’s Lourgr along hellassalasie road

gave his fans a thrilling performance tha did not offend.He did not call girls or ladies to the stage. He owned

his performances and it was felt to scandalise.The Show that was hosted by dj lenium was one to put on record. The Ruler hit maker did it to the best …..

Male artistes are vilified for making women sexual

objects by dressing them skimpily while they (men)

wear proper, dapper outfits. However, Dabby K

makes history as the artiste who dressed up her

dancers in all her clothes and left none or few for


His dancers had no less than three costume

changes that had left the male fans drooling for


Here are the photos of dabby K performance at Dan’s lounge



Vybz Kartel Released From UWI Hospital Back To Prison[Full Video]

Vybz Kartel was released from the University Hospital of the West

Indies last night and was escorted back to prison.

The “Mhm Hm” deejay spent a week getting treatment for a severe

kidney infection at the UWI Hospital. Dancehall HipHop learned that he

was visited by his mother, his wife and kids, and his attorney. Sources

told us that he is in good spirit and is feeling much better than a

week ago when he was rushed to the emergency room after

complaining about feeling severe pain in his side.

Vybz Kartel, whose government name is Adidja Palmer, is currently

serving life for a murder conviction back in 2014. Fortunately for him,

an appeal court judge gave his attorneys the green light to proceed

with his appeal case which is set for February next year. His lead

attorney, Tom Tavares-Finson, has expressed confidence in winning

the appeal trial and getting the artist freedom.

Vybz Kartel and his three co-accused, Shawn “Storm” Campbell,

Kahira Jones, and Andre ST John, have all maintained their innocence.

During the controversial trial, his attorneys argued in court that

police officers tampered with evidence used to convict the four men,

and even intimidated a witness for the defense. The murder victim,

Clive “Lizard” William, body was never found. The prosecution played

audio recordings in court where the accused men discussed the murder

while revealed that William’s body was dismembered and disposed of in

the sea.

Some people inside Kartel’s circle are alleging that someone inside of

the prison might have poisoned the dancehall star . We reached out to

police sources who told us that there are no reports or active

investigation into the allegation. Kartel has been behind bars since

2011, and this is his third time visiting the hospital for an illness since

his incarceration. Get well soon Addi.

Dabby K Dropping New Songs This Week One Is a Gospel Song

Dabby K  already released two new singles since the start of

September and this week we will be getting an additional track Perhaps a potential Gospel Song.

The deejay has been quiet throughout the summer while

his mega-hit “ Ruler ” continues to make waves in the mainstream

market. Clearly, he has been recording new material and was perhaps

waiting for all the noise during the summer to die down before

dropping some new music. Dabby k  is known for releasing a flood of

music on the airwaves so while his new releases have slowed down, it

doesn’t mean that he isn’t still recording, sources inside theAnkleZEEN

told us.

“We dropping new songs this week just and we just getting

started,” sources told Dapstream News. “One of the songs will for sure stir up

some controversy but the fans always look deep into what dabby K  is

saying in his songs that just how it always is from day one.” During

the summer, some dapstrem Entertainment  fans started begging dj lytmas to tell dabby K to release new music following a brief period of dormancy. Clearly, the AnkleZEEN boss has been listening to his fans.

Popcaan Pleads With Jamaican Gangsters To Stop Killings

Dancehall artist Popcaan is pleading with Jamaican gangsters to stop

the killings.

The Jamaican government is currently running out of ideas as the

crime grips the island leaving a trail of bloodshed in its wake. Last

month, Tommy Lee Sparta gave a lengthy speech on stage during a

performance in his native Montego Bay where he told his fans to put

an end to the murders. On Sunday, Popcaan posted a video on

Instagram telling gang members, some of who listen to his music, to

stop killing each other.

“It’s the Unruly Boss this,” Popcaan said while smoking a blunt.

“Whole a meds in the Sunday morning in the bush. I am going to talk

to the ghetto youths them now. Too much killing going on in the place

dog, the man them a war and killing off each other too much brothers.

Hear is what I am saying, I don’t know you and I don’t know what

you’re fighting for, but the man them just need to hold it on a level

because hear is what’s going on now. There are a lot of money out

there in the world to make, but killing is not the solution.”

Popcaan also said that he can speak to whats going on because he is

from the streets and he made a life for himself in music and is able to

tour the world and make a lot of money.

Was Vybz Kartel Poisoned In Prison? Illness More Serious Than Reported

Vybz Kartel kidney infection is much more serious than we previously

reported and some people in his circle are saying that he might have

been poisoned in prison.

The “Fever” deejay has been hospitalized for a week now with a

severe case of kidney infection . Sources close to the deejay’s family

told Dapstream News that doctors have been running numerous tests

on him to get to the bottom of his sickness. “They are still running

tests on him, they did a blood test and a number of other tests, so we

are now waiting to hear the results,” sources said.

“He is complaining about feeling a lot of pain, but he is getting

painkillers,” sources added. We’re told that his family particularly his

wife and kids are very worried about his health because this is the

first time that he has ever been this sick. “Everyone is worried

because it seems like his condition is much worse than what they are

telling, it’s like the doctors are hiding something from us,” our source

said. “Kartel never had a kidney problem before so right now we are

even wondering if someone poisoned him because they attempted to do

it before.”

In 2015, prison authorities foiled a murder plot against Vybz Kartel

when an inmate smuggled knives and a poisonous substance inside a

section of the prison. Two bottles of an unknown poisonous substance

were allegedly smuggled in by an ancillary worker inside the prison.

Kartel is only a few months away from his appeal trial and his

attorneys have expressed confidence in getting him released when

that trial concludes. There are chatters that someone does not want

the artist to be free and are actively trying to do something


Despite being imprisoned and hospitalized for the past week, Vybz

Kartel continues to drop new music. His single “ Mhm Hm ” is currently

dominating dancehall airwaves after becoming a viral hit when it was

released two weeks ago.

Masicka Says Vybz Kartel Is The Bob Marley of Dancehall

Is Vybz Kartel the Bob Marley of dancehall?

Masicka scored one of the biggest hits of his career this year

“InfraRed” with Vybz Kartel, but his admiration for the incarcerated

dancehall icon runs deeper than just dancehall. In fact, they both

went to the same high school Calabar and are both from Portmore.

The Genahsyde leader sat down for a candid interview with Tim

Westwood recently where he opened up about working with the


“Definitely Vybz Kartel is one of the most talented artists out of

Jamaica, so it was crazy,” Masicka said. “His work ethics is crazy,

Vybz Kartel put in a lot of work and he is one of the greatest artists

out of Jamaica, so to even get that track you understand am hail

from Calabar and hail from Portmore, Vybz Kartel show we a lot of

respect.” Tim Westwood then added that Kartel is the Bob Marley of

dancehall, to which he agreed.

Masicka also spoke briefly about his ongoing feud with Aidonia,

telling Westwood that the 4thGenna deejay is afraid of a lyrical

confrontation with him. “It’s just bad mind because we as the young

youths come up and we are doing a lot so it’s not everybody going to

show us love,” the dancehall deejay said. “They are just afraid to get

into a lyrical confrontation.”

Dancehall Artist “Dabby K” Under new management

Dancehall star and AnkleZEEN boss Dabby K, has been busy behind the

scenes as he targets an expanded presence in the entertainment

industry. The Call me yoh ruler Song artiste has teamed with experienced

manager DJ LYTMAS, who worked with Grammy-Award winning

Star for over a decade. Dabby k  has also teamed with

Dapstrem Entertainment in an exclusive booking partnership.

The move comes as the artiste seeks to stabilize the business side of

the music. Dabby k  is excited about what lies ahead as he believes

this more experienced team can achieve great things. While being

happy with the achievements of his career so far the business minded

Dabby K  is not shy to say he is not content as he aspires to take his

career to the next level.

“It isn’t a new team per say, it’s a team with a much more

experienced manager and I am just trying to build on the

professionalism and the overall experience of engaging Dabby in

any form of business. DJ LYTMAS  has a proven track record. He

knows what it takes to get an artiste that next level which is an

international level. When I just started out I just wanted to hear my

song on the radio, but being a businessman and a driven person I

always strive for more,” said Dabby K.

The Gyal leader deejay recently updated his profile info on his social media platforms


Listen to Dabby K new song ruler below

Vybz Kartel Cosigns Female Plastic Surgery Angering Some Dancehall Fans

Vybz Kartel has given females who do plastic surgeries two thumbs


Over the past few years a number of local Jamaican female

celebrities have been going under the knife to get their bodies done.

Some ladies like Yanique Curvy Diva and DHQ Sher have been getting

criticism for doing boob and butt implants, but Vybz Kartel is now

coming to their defense and we all know once the Gazanation deejay

says he like something, the rest of dancehall falls in line.

The incarcerated deejay drop a new single this week titled “Luxury

Doll” where he cosign all the ladies who do surgery. “Yo do your batty

and your breast and them vex / Gazanation girls them grudge yo for

your breast them and for your bumper / Girl you look like a luxury

doll / So much perfection without the flaws,” Kartel deejay. Dancehall

fans have been weighing in with some mix reactions. The vast

majority of Gazanation fans cosigned the single.

“This song is pure fire! Miss Kitty and Curvy Diva anthem this Lol

GazaNation thumbs up one time,” one fan wrote, while another fan

added, “Song bad (very good) but this is kind of like telling females

who don’t do plastic surgery that them no look good and them need

to go and get their bodies done.”

One female fan wrote that the song will only make regular women

feel bad within their own skin. “Not that I expect any better from Vybz

Kartel, but this is just bad for women morality and will only let us

continue to feel bad within our own skin,” she said.

Tommy Lee Sparta Blames Vybz Kartel For Career Setbacks

Tommy Lee Sparta is blaming his travel woes squarely at the feet of

Vybz Kartel.

Gazanation fans will likely go HAM on Tommy Lee Sparta for making

this statement, but some industry attorneys are saying that he is

absolutely right about his assessment. Sparta was one of Vybz

Kartel’s most loyal proteges before he was sent to prison for life for a

2014 murder conviction. The big question now is Kartel’s legal

troubles affecting artists who were previously associated with him

like Tommy Lee and Popcaan.

We’re told that both artists are unable to secure a U.S. visa because

of their affiliation to Vybz Kartel. The “Soul Reaper” deejay says that

he has been going through hell while trying to travel overseas for his

shows. “I feel like they put something on my name,” Sparta said.

“Every time I try to travel, they treat me different, like I am some

bomber. When they run my passport, Vybz Kartel business come up

and everything. They are acting like I am involved in certain things

and pure red lines come up on my documents at the airports. I don’t

know who did it to my documents.”

Tommy Lee Sparta currently has a mountain of legal troubles and is

currently awaiting trial for lottery scam. On three separate times, he

was named a person of interest in different crimes in Kingston and

Montego including a shooting incident. He was never charged with a

crime. Some legal experts inside the dancehall space are saying that

the artist has a point about being affected by Vybz Kartel’s legal

problems, but all he needs is proper legal representation to clear his

team. Tommy Lee has been unable to travel to the United States for

shows for years and just last month Popcaan was denied travel

documents to take part in the Red Bull Culture Clash in Atlanta.

Meek Mill Says He Dumped Nicki Minaj Takes More Shots On IG

Meek Mill says that he was the one who broke up with Nicki Minaj

and not the other way around.

The first real clear hint that we got from Meek that he dumped Nicki

Minaj was when he released his single “1942 Flows.” The Young

Money rapper announced on Twitter in January this year that she is a

single woman again. At first, everyone thought that she was the one

who pulled the plug on the relationship but now we are learning that

Meek has been quietly saying that he was the one who dumped her.

“He was the one who broke up with her and we been always known

that from the beginning,” sources said. “Celebrities relationships are

usually never really private but that doesn’t mean someone will want

to come out and spill all the tea to score some points. These two

were dating and they broke up that happens all the time and I doubt it

really matters who broke up with who, the relationship is done it’s

over ni**as have moved on and go about their business.”

Meek is also making it clear to folks inside his circle that he is done

with her for good and has no interest in evening speaking to her. “No

am pretty sure there is no rekindling going down, homeboy said it out

his mouth and what they broke up over is a huge deal breaker,”

sources revealed. On his single “1942 Flows” Meek Mill most famous

line is, “Cut her off, act like she’s dead and it’s killing her / New

dawn, Hermes seats, I left the ceiling up / Just to get to kill ’em



Since their bitter break up eight months ago, Meek Mill and Nicki

Minaj have not spoken to each other and they often take shots at

each other on social media. In July, the “Wins and Loses” rapper fired

off a diss on Instagram calling out Nicki for having fake everything

and basically saying that she made him sick when she takes off


Vybz Kartel Drops Two New Singles and Disses Alkaline Again

Vybz Kartel unleashed two new singles on dancehall airwaves in one

day and they are both fire. On one of the singles, he once again

disses Alkaline .

On Wednesday, the incarcerated deejay drop a solo single “So Easy”

and another collaboration with Ishawna “How Can You .” Both singles

have been getting raved reviews from Kartel’s massive dancehall fan

base. “Song ya is pure fire big up Worl’Boss the GOAT, so easy,” one

fan wrote on Dapstream News fan page.

Kartel is also getting some attention for a line on the single “So Easy”

where he disses dancehall artists who are copying his style. “Every

man in a me style a so the p**** them stay,” Kartel deejay. Some

Gazanation fans are already pointing fingers to Alkaline being the

artist that Vybz Kartel is referring to. While the “Dancehall Hero”

deejay didn’t call any names, Alkaline has been getting scrutinized

for what some people say is a blatant rip off of Kartel’s image and


“Alka a live in a Addi style from day one,” sources inside the Gaza

told Dapstream News . “A Kartel style buss him and a it get him to where he is

right now. At this moment he should just come out and admit that

Kartel is his idol. His friend Kasanova already said it and I think he

should just come out and say it.”





Huddah Monroe forced to respond after Ali Kiba gave him a piece of his mind

Socialite Huddah Monroe has responded to Ali Kiba’s attack

– The socialite asked the two to stop beefing a few months

ago but instead, Ali Kiba responded with some harsh words

– Huddah asked the two to settle their beef and focus on

working together

Socialite Huddah Monroe tried to intervene Ali Kiba

and Diamond Platnumz’ beef and things didn’t go

down so well.

The socialite, who is currently in Tanzania to promote

her Makeup line, opened up about the issue which saw

her get some rough words from Ali Kiba after claiming

‘he has umama’.

If they come together, they can do so much together…why would

you make music kutukana mwenzako hiyo ni kama kukua na

umama. Achia hayo mambo wanawake not men to men. Hizo ni

mambo za kiwanawake,” she said in an interview with Millard


Diamond and Ali Kiba have been entangled in a

supremacy battle since their careers started in the

early 2000s.


Ali Kiba wasn’t happy with Huddah’s comments. Photos: Courtesy

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and photos never lie

According to Huddah, Kenyans love the two artists and

a collabo from the two can become mega hit in the


“Wakenya wanapenda sana ali kiba, but i dont think diamond’s

music is bad and he is a businessman.they should settle their beef.

And then people should not take sides. Love all of them for whom

they are. I don’t support or beef with anybody, personally i don’t

have beef with anyone. I love life so much,” she said.

Cardi B Says Offset Still Haven’t Proposed

Cardi B shot down engagement rumors last night saying that her

boyfriend Offset still hasn’t proposed to her.

Rumors of their engagement have been floating around for the past

few weeks and only grew more intense last weekend. While on the

red carpet at Sunday night’s MTV VMAs, Charlamagne Tha God asked

her about the rumors and she immediately let it known that there is

no ring on her finger. “Do ya see a ring on my ring finger?” she

jokingly sang. She then held up her left ring finger to show the world

that there is no ring on it. “Boy, is you gon’ marry me?” she added.

Cardi B also hinted that she does want to marry Offset somebody,

but only when he is ready. So the big question now is she ready to

get married to him? I’m a woman and every woman, I think, wants to

get married and wants to have children,” she said. “It’s never too

early to get married now. You know, if you want to propose to me,

you can.” Charlamage then asked if that is not putting too much

pressure on Offset and she responded, “I put it down ain’t no

pressure, baby!”

Last week, Cardi B responded to an alleged diss from Nicki Minaj on

London On Da Track’s new single “No Flag” featuring 21 Savage and

Offset. “I don’t bother with these hoes, Don’t let these hoes BOTHER

Me, she tweeted. Nicki also said that she was not dissing the “Bodak

Yellow” rapper on her fiery verse. She also added that her verse was

written months ago presumably long before Cardi’s blow up in hip

hop. Their rumored beef has been going on for months now and both

have them have hinted that they are not beefing with each other. The

fans think otherwise.

Stream Stone Fabb New song “M.O.G”

Stone fabb real name Kennedy oloo yesterday dropped his new single “M.O.G on YouTube  …The music audio is Owsome and I must give it a 8/10 rating to be fair …

The hip hop gehna in the song showcase how he got to be the original gangster in the rap game …in short the song tittle M.O.G simply means Most Organised Gangster

Stone fabb over time has always been raising diss tracks to top artists like octopizoo,khaligraph jones among other big names in the kenyan rap game ,,, he is trully talented and we can’t all deny it……

Stream his latest track “M.O.G” below. [Courtesy of Dapstrem Entertainment]

Nicki Minaj Packs Heat On London On Da Track Song “No Flag” Feat. 21 Savage & Offset [Listen]

London On Da Track assembles an all-star team with Nicki Minaj , 21

Savage , and Offset for his new single “No Flag.”

Nicki Minaj has been teasing her verse on the single since around last

night and she did say revealed that the track would be available at

midnight and it was right on point on Apple Music. This week, the

Young Money rapper is featured on a bunch of new singles including a

track with Tasha Cobbs Leonard titled “I’m Getting Ready” and

another single with Fergie titled “You Already Know.”

Clearly, the “PinkPrint” rapper has been very busy in the studio lately

working on guest features. She has also been working on her new

album which she promised her fans that she will deliver a classic to

them. “They know my name ring bells so they still press / Say the

Queen name you can get some ill press / That went right over your

head, you should feel blessed / Must’ve used a lot of starch cause

they still pressed,” Nicki Minaj raps.

At just 26 years old, London On Da Track has been making some of

the biggest hits in hip hop over the last few years for artists like Nicki

Minaj, Future, Lil Wayne, Tyga, Gucci Mane, T.I., and Young Thug.

Now that he made a name for himself as a producer he is going the

route of DJ Khaled to put out his own songs with other artists as

guest features. This new track “No Flag” is already a hit right out the

gate and is one of the most talked about new singles in hip hop this

weekend. 21 Savage and Migos ‘ Offset are also two of the hottest

young rappers in the game at the moment so adding them to the

track was the right move. Savage just released his debut album “Issa

Album” while Offset and his Migos clan are working on their new

album “Culture 2” which they promised will arrive sooner than later.


Alkaline Beat Out Vybz Kartel With Three Hapilos Awards

Alkaline beat out Vybz Kartel in three major categories at last night’s

2017 21st Hapilos Digital Music Awards.

Vybz Kartel went home empty handed while his arch dancehall

nemesis Alkaline picked up three trophies for Top Male Artist, Most

Streamed Artist, and Most Downloaded Artist. There were some

other big winners like Tommy Lee Sparta who got an award for

People’s Choice Award — Artist, and Spice who won Top Female

Artist. Konshens picked up an award for op Dancehall Single and

Most Downloaded Single for his single “Bruk Off Yuh Back.” While

Foota Hype got an award for Social Media Icon.

Vybz Kartel received nominations in the categories of Top

Collaboration and Top Vevo Video for “Loodi” with Shenseea. He also

got nods for Most Streamed Artist and Top Male Artist. A rep for the

Gaza camp told Dapstream News that they are not really concerned

about the Hapilos Awards calling it irrelevant. “Just another award

show that no one really pays attention to,” sources told DapstreamNews . “There

are categories where Addi should have won easily but a lot of these

awards shows are bias and buyout and that is why the industry can’t

move forward and can’t take them more seriously.”




Lytmas starts new record label “Dapstrem Entertainment”

Popular dancehall dj and business man dj lytmas started off a new music record label that is meant to raise and promote upcoming artists …in an exclusive interview with the dj, he said the major aim of the label was to raise the profiles and the career of upcoming talented artist ….”if you feel you are so talented and need a way out to the fans link us up “according to sources close to the dj ,the new label has already attracted many artists about thirty new artists were delighted. ..

You can stream the exclusive interview below …..