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*((((((( Track List )))))))*
1. Vybz Kartel – Christmas Fck
2. Aidonia x Govana – Breeze
3. Vybz Kartel – Mhm Hm
4. Ding Dong – Fling Yuh Shoulda
5. Pternsky – Enjoy Yourself
6. Vybz Kartel – Wine To Di Top
7. Vybz Kartel – Western Union
8. Masicka – 10 Outa 10
9. Yanique Curvy Diva – Lifestyle
10. Spice & D’Angel – No Worries
11. Teejay – Home (feat. Kapella Don)
12. Masicka – Kill Quick
13. Masicka – Knock It
14. Tommy Lee Sparta – Target
15. Tommy Lee Sparta – Grim Rim Rave
16. Vanessa Bling – Best Friend
17. Popcaan – Up Forever
18. Rdx – Traffic
19. Rdx – Drop Dat
20. Rdx – Shake Your Bam Bam
21. Rdx – Jump
22. Shenseea – Dynamite
23. Shenseea – Success Story
24. Tommy Lee Sparta – Savage Life
25. Tommy Lee Sparta – Team Up
26. Tarrus Riley – Just The Way You Are
27. Ding Dong feat. Shenseea – Rock The Floor
28. Mavado – Laugh And Gwan
29. Aidonia – Set Fi Di Backshot
30. Aidonia – Bruise
31. Mavado – All Night
32. Mavado – Forever
33. Razer B – Mek U Wha Bruk Fi Mi Back
34. Spice – Sheet
35. Vybz Kartel – Love it
36. VybzKartel – Fever
37. Vybz Kartel – Xmas Time
38. Aidonia – Dem Badness Fraud
39.Vybz Kartel – How


Dabby K meets his manager Lytmas

Kenyan dancehall artist better known as Dapstrem’s finest, Dabby K
has finally seen one of his dreams come true after meeting
his Dapstrem Entertainment Management C.E.O. Dj Lytmas.
Dabby K who was earlier announced as the Celebrity Ambassador for
the label, a music label which aims to help upcoming artists exploit their talents by distribution of their arts.
Dabby K who had access to the Skate park area posed for a photo
with the mogul and posted it on his Facebook page.Dabby K later left The K.I.C.C for Ruiru where he spent his night with the Dapstrem team.


JAY-Z showed Meek Mill some support at his
“4:44” concert in Philadelphia on Friday night.
Hov has been a staunched critic of the justice
system since the MMG rapper was sentenced
to 2-4 years in prison for probation violation.
The Roc Nation boss supported the
#FreeMeekMill movement during the Philly leg
of his “4:44 Tour” by playing the rapper’s hit
single “Dreams & Nightmares” during his set.
He leads the crowd on a “Free Meek Mill”
chant. The rap legend also penned an op-ed in
the New York Times last month throwing his
support behind Meek, while calling out the
justice system for its mass incarceration of
young black men.
Some Philadelphia 76ers players including Joel
Embiid and Ben Simmons were at the concert
showing their support for Meek Mill. The due
wore T-Shirts that says “STAND WITH MEEK
MILL.” The fans on Meek’s home turf poured
in their numbers to fill up the arena for a sold-
out crowd. JAY-Z also showed his support to
Colin Kaepernick by wearing his jersey at the
sold-out show. R&B singer Trey Songz and
rapper Yo Gotti were also showed up to show
his support and was also spotted at the after
“That sh*t [Kaepernick’s protest] is not about
inanimate objects,” Hov said. “It’s about
people dying. It’s about young people leaving
their house and never coming back home. And
it’s not a black and white issue. It’s a human
issue. Everybody should be fighting that.”
Meek Mill, real name Robert Williams, is
currently awaiting the outcome of his
emergency bail application. The Pennsylvania
Superior Court handed down a ruling last
month directing Judge Genece Brinkley to
make a ruling on the rapper’s bail . She is the
same judge who handed down the unjust
sentencing after she claimed that the rapper
broke his probation by getting arrested earlier
this year for breaking up a fight and popping
wheelies in the streets of New York.
Stand with Meek Mill. #FREEMEEKMILL
4:46 PM – Dec 2, 2017
11 10


Beenie Man responded to some recent
criticisms from his daughter Desha Ravers in a
new song.
Last month, Desha Ravers, whose real name is
Deshagaye Davis, publicly called out Beenie
Man for being a bad father. “Mi just think him
need fi step up him thing,” the dancer said.
“Him a mek whole heap a luu moves suh him
just need fi start be a man, a father and
everything inna one now,” she said without
going into specific details about her contention
with the deejay. “The person weh everybody
know out a road a nuh the person weh me
Beenie Man released a new single “Twingy
Twanga” where he gave his daughter, who is a
member of Ravers Clavers dance group, a big
shout-out. “Me stop from dance I would never
never / Me stop love Deshagay I would never
never / Cause all of my kids them born in
dancehall,” Beenie deejay over the Belly
Bounce Riddim, produced by Cornelius


Meek Mill may get some reprieve as pressure

mounts on the judge to make a ruling on his bail


The Dreamchasers rapper, whose real name is

Robert Williams, is currently serving 2-4 years in

a Pennsylvania prison for probation violation

. The sentencing handed down by Judge Genece

Brinkley has been widely criticized by the

rapper’s fans and his celebrity peers including

JAY-Z and civil rights leader Reverend Al

Sharpton. Meek’s attorneys have been fighting

for his release since his sentence commence

earlier this month and so far there is no


Meek Mill’s attorney filed a motion in the

Pennsylvania Superior Court to have him release

on an emergency bail. The High Court denied the

motion but ruled that judge Genece Brinkley

should hand down a ruling on his emergency bail

application. Meek’s representative, Jordan Siev,

told TMZ that the ruling a legal victory for the

rapper and vowed to continue fighting for his

freedom. “We’re pleased that the Superior Court

took immediate action to direct the Court of

Common Pleas to decide on the application for

bail without further delay,” Siev said. “We remain

hopeful that Mr. Williams will be promptly

released on bail.”

A bail hearing was originally scheduled for

November 27th

but was canceled by Judge Brinkley canceled

who said it was set due to an administrative

error. Meek Mill’s legal team also filed a motion

to have her removed from the case arguing that

she is tainted and carrying a grudge for the MC

who is from the same part of Philly that she is

from. If the judge denied his emergency bail then

that narrows down Meek Mill’s legal option to get

out of prison and will likely have to serve his 2+

years before ever tasting freedom again.

Prior to his prison stint, the MMG rapper was

working on his upcoming album DC5.



Lil Wayne said that his new album Dedication 6

is coming very soon.

The Young Money rapper has been going through

some struggles with his label Cash Money and

former mentor and friend Birdman for the past

two years and that has significantly affected how

much new music he is able to put out. On

Thanksgiving Day, November 23, Lil Wayne wrote

a heartfelt thank you note to his fans while also

announcing that D6 coming sooner than later.

“Happy Thanksgiving,” the New Orleans rapper

wrote. “I’m so thankful for all my fans for

standing by me while I’m enduring this fight with

this label. I ain’t shit without y’all! D6 is coming

y’all way soon! Thank You.” Earlier this month,

his manager Cortez Bryant revealed that

Dedication 6 would arrive sometime in November.

The month is pretty much over but the project is

not forthcoming.

Related: T-Pain Files Lawsuit Against Lil

Wayne Over Royalties For “Carter 3”

Lil Wayne has been working on the mixtape since

last year when he announced that it would be a

collaboration between himself and DJ Drama.

There is no concrete word on what’s holding up

the project but sources are saying his legal

battle with Cash Money has a part to play on

how he releases new music. Wayne is suing

Birdman and Cash Money Records for $51 million

and also want a judge to release him from his

contract with the label.



Rihanna has Chris Brown on her mind when she

was making a recent Instagram post.

We all know that RiRi and Breezy had one of the

most colorful history among celebrity couples.

The pair had a roller coaster romance and have

broken up and rekindled their relationship a

couple of times before permanently calling it

quits in 2014. Now some fans are panicking that

Rihanna maybe missing her ex-boyfriend and

could rekindle their old flame.

The Bajan pop beauty posted a pic of herself a

few weeks back and captioned it, “When you

hang up on em, then call right back. #

firstofallimcrazy #secondofalliwasntdone.” Chris

Brown has a song on his new album Heartbreak

On a Full Moon titled “Other Ni**as” where he

sing some similar lines.

“Oh girl, why you gotta be like that? (Girl, like

that) / Why gotta hang up on me then you call

right back? (Back) / How you compare me to

them ni**as that you gave your heart to? (Heart

to),” Chris Brown sings. Rihanna made her

Instagram post a few days before Brown drop

the album and some fans are now saying that he

might have given her a copy of the project

before it was released, which means that they

are secretly communicating with each other. On

the other hand, it could be just share

coincidence that RiRi made a quote identical to

Breezy’s lyrics just a few days before he drop an

album, just how likely is that. Listen to the full

song “Other Ni**as” below.


Verified Fo







when you hang up on

em, then call right

back. #

firstofallimcrazy #





During a recent interview with Ebro In the

Morning on Hot 97 radio last month, Chris Brown

declined to answer questions about his

relationship with Rihanna

and whether or not the two are still

communicating. The “Work” singer is currently

dating Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel and

Breezy is rumored to be dating Indonesian pop

star Agnez Mo .


Is Vybz Kartel the king of dancehall?

Fans of the genre have been debating

for the past few weeks about who is

the king of dancehall music after

crowning Spice the new queen . Beenie

Man and Spice butt heads last month

over whether or not she is the new

dancehall queen since Lady Saw hang

up her mic. According to Beenie, the

“So Mi Like It” deejay is more of a

self-appointed designated queen and

then she shot back accusing him of

doing the same thing.

Spice accused the Doc of being a self-

proclaim king while referring to Kartel

as the true heir to the throne.

Dancehall HipHop conducting a poll

on social media where we asked fans

who is the king of Jamaica’s dominant

music culture. Approximately 71

percent of respondents chooses Vybz

Kartel over Beenie Man as the current

king of dancehall.

“Right now I think Spice and Vybz

Kartel are the queen and king of

dancehall, I have ratings for Beenie

Man, but right now Kartel is the man

even from behind bars,” one fan told

us. “There is no debating that the

Worl’Boss achieved a height in

dancehall that Beenie never did and

even in prison the man is still running

the game.”

“Beenie Man was the king but his

reign has come to an end its Vybz

Kartel who is the true king now,”

another fan added. “Beenie should

retire now just like Lady Saw and let

Kartel take the title. Nothing wrong

with these old heads stepping aside

making way for the new generation to

run the business.”

Despite the enthusiasm of some

dancehall fans, there are still some

folks who think that Beenie is still at

the helm of dancehall. “Beenie is still

the king but Kartel is seriously a

strong contender for the title, but it’s

foolish to think that either is the king

right now when Sean Paul achieved so

much for the music,” one fan said.

Vybz Kartel, who is currently serving

life in prison, released an album last

year titled King of the Dancehall. The

project was ranked one of the best

dancehall albums released last year.

Alkaline Accused Of Stealing Popcaan Style In New Song

Alkaline is being accused of stealing Popcaan ‘s flow for his new
song “Hard Tackle.”
Dapstream News reported this week that Alkaline new song “Hard
Tackle” is the top trending dancehall song on YouTube. The anti-
haters anthem was released on Saturday and already it’s stirring up
some controversies with Popcaan fans going on the attack claiming
that the Vendetta boss bites his style from his 2016 hustle anthem
“ Nah Idle .”
Poppy injected a catchy line in the chorus “You cyaa just a idle, a
idle, a idle, a idle / Granny tell mi say yo mouth need waan bible.”
Fans are comparing that line to Alkaline’s chorus “That’s why me
say hard tackle, hard tackle, Hard tackle, hard tackle / Life everyday
is a hard battle.” Listening to the two songs you will hear a distinct
difference, but the Unruly fans are adamant that their artist’s style
was used by the Vendetta leader.
Alkaline fans are pushing back saying he would never copy Popcaan
or any artists. “Alkaline on a different level from everyone and that is
the truth about this music and some Jamaica people they are so
fool,” one fan wrote. “Alkaline do everything in is own way to please
his self and the vendetta families who show him love in everything
that he do in music.”
Some fans are saying that there are more similarities between “Hard
Tackle” and an old Mavado song “Gun Battle” than with Popcaan
“Nah Idle.” In fact, Popcaan was widely criticized by Vendetta fans
last year for stealing Alkaline’s “New Level Unlocked.” Listen to the
two songs below and make your own judgment.

Popcaan Drops New Song “Can’t Box” Shows Off Expensive Jewelry

Popcaan sends a clear message to his enemies in his new single

“Nuh Bwoy Can’t Box.”

The Unruly Boss dropped the new gangsta anthem last night and

took a moment to show off his pricey jewelry collection. The gritty

single is featured on the Panic Riddim, produced by JAM 2 Records

and DRE Swade. “If bwoy diss me in a day mi naan go kill them

night / Same place deso him a loose him life / Bombohole head

buss off like a f**king sprite, unruly / No pu**y cyan diss mi pon

god earth, no / Unless me bloodclat hand naan work / Mi guns and

mi killy them alert,” Popcaan spits.

Popcaan also took the opportunity to show off his expensive

watches and chains including a massive Unruly chain. Poppy has

been having a great year and has a chance to make history at next

month’s MOBO Awards in the UK if wins. The “Party Shot” deejay is

going up against artists like Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Aidonia,

Chronixx, and his arch nemesis Alkaline. Popcaan won the MOBO

award for Best Reggae Act for the past two years and this year

could be his third straight year.

Nicki Minaj Backs Out Testifying In Brother’s Rape Case

Nicki Minaj will not be testifying in her brother’s highly publicized

rape case and for good reasons.

The hip hop superstar’s older brother Jelani Maraj is currently on

trial for allegedly raping an 11-year-old girl. Last week, Page Six

reported that Nicki Minaj will be a star witness in the high profile trial

that could send her brother to prison for life. The 11-year-old victim

is his stepdaughter and she told authorities that Maraj had sex with

her up to four times per week. The rapper’s brother legal team also

told reporters that she will take the stand in his defense.

Despite the reports of Nicki Minaj testimony in the trial, sources told

Dapstream News  that she is fully supporting her brother, but will

not be taking the stand. “The talks of her [Nicki Minaj] testifying are

just not true,” sources told us. “She is supporting her brother by

paying his legal fees and giving him moral support, but she will not

be testifying.” We’re told that Nicki Minaj team strongly advised her

against testifying telling her that he could be damaging for her

brand. “It’s a difficult decision for her because this is her brother

and she loves her family, but this is just too much of a risk for her

brand,” sources around the Trinidadian rapper told us.

Jelani Maraj’s rape trial is currently underway in a long island court

and Nicki will not be going to court. Jelani’s wife, Jacqueline

Robinson, told Nicki Minaj that she could make the case go away for

$25 million. Of course, the rapper did not bite so the case now goes

to trial. The Assistant District Attorney Emma Slane told jurors in

court that the little girl’s younger brother, who was 8 years old at the

time, was the first person to reveal the sexual abuse to child services

who then called the cops.

Investigators got a search warrant and went to the house where they

recovered a pajama stained with her stepdad’s semen. The boy also

testified in the trial that his stepfather spanks him for walking in on

him having sex with his older sister in a spare bedroom. The defense

attorney says this is all a ply by their mother, Jacqueline Robinson,

to get money from Nicki Minaj, whom she has been obsessed with

from day one.

Vybz Kartel’s Gazanation Fans Angry Over MOBO Awards Snub

Vybz Kartel was not among the five names nominated for the 2017

MOBO Award for Best Reggae Act and his are furious.

The list of nominees for the 2017 Music Of Black Origin (MOBO)

Awards for Best Reggae Act came out last week and all five

nominees are local Jamaican artists. Popcaan, Alkaline, Aidonia,

Chronixx, and Damian Marley are the five nominees this year. A lot

of dancehall fans are again questioning why Vybz Kartel was

snubbed despite having a massive year last year which continues

into this year.

“The system trying to fight against the boss [Vybz Kartel] but they

can’t stop him,” one fan wrote. “Kartel had a bigger year than

Popcaan, Aidonia, and Alkaline and yet he was not nominated for a

MOBO are you kidding me. This is utter nonsense and that’s why

people can’t take these awards serious anymore.”

Fans echoed some similar sentiments last year when the deejay was

not nominated. There is an underlining reason why Vybz Kartel may

not get a MOBO nomination, at least as long as he is behind bars he

may never get a nomination per the rules of the award show.

Additionally, MOBO is based in the UK where most radio stations are

barred from playing songs from convicted felons who are serving

time behind bars like Vybz Kartel who is doing life for a murder


One fan criticized those fans who are angry at Kartel’s MOBO snub

while drawing reference to his album sales numbers last year. “Don’t

make music fool you prison is taking a hold on Vybz Kartel Now you

cannot be in prison for murder and get the mobo award and apart

from that he’s not doing any live performance 3249 in 15 weeks

sales for the top dancehall artists of 2016 that’s a shame on

dancehall and Vybz Kartel the great Shabba Ranks used to sell

millions and Beenie Man gaza fans please don’t even brag about it

on YouTube 3249 copies that’s a shame on Kartel?” Joel wrote.

Despite being incarcerated since 2011, he has remained in the top

echelon of dancehall with a consistent supply of new music. Last

year, he came under investigation under orders directly from the

Ministry of National Security for allegations that he has been

recording music in prison, something that would be illegal and could

potentially send him into solitary confinement. Nevertheless, new

music continues to pour out of Vybz Kartel coffers like hot bread and

he is showing no signs of slowing down.

Vybz Kartel Dropping New Single “All Aboard” On Friday

Vybz Kartel is far from being done dropping new music. The aced

dancehall star will be dropping a new song “All Aboard” this Friday.

Kartel has been dropping around two songs a week since around the

end of August and he is showing no signs of slowing down. Our

Gaza sources told us that a major project is on the way but in the

meantime, fans can enjoy a regular supply of new singles. “We are

working on a big project, some big, much bigger than any previous

album Worl’Boss release,” sources said. “Look out for a new banger

this Friday on premiere on Irie FM.”

The incarcerated deejay also announced the new single “All Aboard”

on his Instagram page. The track was produced by TJ Records, who

is also the producer behind his new project. The track will be

premiered by DJ Wayne on Irie FM on Friday afternoon. “LISTEN

NOW.. You either ON the boat with the ballers n b**ches… or you

UNder the boat with the sharks n fishes! #Dj Wayne premier this

Friday on #IRIEFM ALL ABOARD ALL ABOARD,” Vybz Kartel wrote.


Kartel currently has two of the hottest songs in dancehall, with

“Mhm Hm” and “Don’t Come Back” racking up the views on

YouTube. The song “ Mhm Hm ” has already amassed three million

views in three weeks, clocking around a million a week.

Stream and Download(Vybz Kartel vs Alkaline Mixtape)by DJ LYTMAS



Dabby K Shines at celebrity Thursday show [Photos]

Dabby K , a kenyan dancehall reggae artiste, gave one of the cleanest performance yesterday more than we’ve seen in the recent past.

The artiste who was the main act at the Celebrity Thursday

party, on Thursday  at the Dan’s Lourgr along hellassalasie road

gave his fans a thrilling performance tha did not offend.He did not call girls or ladies to the stage. He owned

his performances and it was felt to scandalise.The Show that was hosted by dj lenium was one to put on record. The Ruler hit maker did it to the best …..

Male artistes are vilified for making women sexual

objects by dressing them skimpily while they (men)

wear proper, dapper outfits. However, Dabby K

makes history as the artiste who dressed up her

dancers in all her clothes and left none or few for


His dancers had no less than three costume

changes that had left the male fans drooling for


Here are the photos of dabby K performance at Dan’s lounge



Vybz Kartel Released From UWI Hospital Back To Prison[Full Video]

Vybz Kartel was released from the University Hospital of the West

Indies last night and was escorted back to prison.

The “Mhm Hm” deejay spent a week getting treatment for a severe

kidney infection at the UWI Hospital. Dancehall HipHop learned that he

was visited by his mother, his wife and kids, and his attorney. Sources

told us that he is in good spirit and is feeling much better than a

week ago when he was rushed to the emergency room after

complaining about feeling severe pain in his side.

Vybz Kartel, whose government name is Adidja Palmer, is currently

serving life for a murder conviction back in 2014. Fortunately for him,

an appeal court judge gave his attorneys the green light to proceed

with his appeal case which is set for February next year. His lead

attorney, Tom Tavares-Finson, has expressed confidence in winning

the appeal trial and getting the artist freedom.

Vybz Kartel and his three co-accused, Shawn “Storm” Campbell,

Kahira Jones, and Andre ST John, have all maintained their innocence.

During the controversial trial, his attorneys argued in court that

police officers tampered with evidence used to convict the four men,

and even intimidated a witness for the defense. The murder victim,

Clive “Lizard” William, body was never found. The prosecution played

audio recordings in court where the accused men discussed the murder

while revealed that William’s body was dismembered and disposed of in

the sea.

Some people inside Kartel’s circle are alleging that someone inside of

the prison might have poisoned the dancehall star . We reached out to

police sources who told us that there are no reports or active

investigation into the allegation. Kartel has been behind bars since

2011, and this is his third time visiting the hospital for an illness since

his incarceration. Get well soon Addi.

Dabby K Dropping New Songs This Week One Is a Gospel Song

Dabby K  already released two new singles since the start of

September and this week we will be getting an additional track Perhaps a potential Gospel Song.

The deejay has been quiet throughout the summer while

his mega-hit “ Ruler ” continues to make waves in the mainstream

market. Clearly, he has been recording new material and was perhaps

waiting for all the noise during the summer to die down before

dropping some new music. Dabby k  is known for releasing a flood of

music on the airwaves so while his new releases have slowed down, it

doesn’t mean that he isn’t still recording, sources inside theAnkleZEEN

told us.

“We dropping new songs this week just and we just getting

started,” sources told Dapstream News. “One of the songs will for sure stir up

some controversy but the fans always look deep into what dabby K  is

saying in his songs that just how it always is from day one.” During

the summer, some dapstrem Entertainment  fans started begging dj lytmas to tell dabby K to release new music following a brief period of dormancy. Clearly, the AnkleZEEN boss has been listening to his fans.

Popcaan Pleads With Jamaican Gangsters To Stop Killings

Dancehall artist Popcaan is pleading with Jamaican gangsters to stop

the killings.

The Jamaican government is currently running out of ideas as the

crime grips the island leaving a trail of bloodshed in its wake. Last

month, Tommy Lee Sparta gave a lengthy speech on stage during a

performance in his native Montego Bay where he told his fans to put

an end to the murders. On Sunday, Popcaan posted a video on

Instagram telling gang members, some of who listen to his music, to

stop killing each other.

“It’s the Unruly Boss this,” Popcaan said while smoking a blunt.

“Whole a meds in the Sunday morning in the bush. I am going to talk

to the ghetto youths them now. Too much killing going on in the place

dog, the man them a war and killing off each other too much brothers.

Hear is what I am saying, I don’t know you and I don’t know what

you’re fighting for, but the man them just need to hold it on a level

because hear is what’s going on now. There are a lot of money out

there in the world to make, but killing is not the solution.”

Popcaan also said that he can speak to whats going on because he is

from the streets and he made a life for himself in music and is able to

tour the world and make a lot of money.

Was Vybz Kartel Poisoned In Prison? Illness More Serious Than Reported

Vybz Kartel kidney infection is much more serious than we previously

reported and some people in his circle are saying that he might have

been poisoned in prison.

The “Fever” deejay has been hospitalized for a week now with a

severe case of kidney infection . Sources close to the deejay’s family

told Dapstream News that doctors have been running numerous tests

on him to get to the bottom of his sickness. “They are still running

tests on him, they did a blood test and a number of other tests, so we

are now waiting to hear the results,” sources said.

“He is complaining about feeling a lot of pain, but he is getting

painkillers,” sources added. We’re told that his family particularly his

wife and kids are very worried about his health because this is the

first time that he has ever been this sick. “Everyone is worried

because it seems like his condition is much worse than what they are

telling, it’s like the doctors are hiding something from us,” our source

said. “Kartel never had a kidney problem before so right now we are

even wondering if someone poisoned him because they attempted to do

it before.”

In 2015, prison authorities foiled a murder plot against Vybz Kartel

when an inmate smuggled knives and a poisonous substance inside a

section of the prison. Two bottles of an unknown poisonous substance

were allegedly smuggled in by an ancillary worker inside the prison.

Kartel is only a few months away from his appeal trial and his

attorneys have expressed confidence in getting him released when

that trial concludes. There are chatters that someone does not want

the artist to be free and are actively trying to do something


Despite being imprisoned and hospitalized for the past week, Vybz

Kartel continues to drop new music. His single “ Mhm Hm ” is currently

dominating dancehall airwaves after becoming a viral hit when it was

released two weeks ago.

Masicka Says Vybz Kartel Is The Bob Marley of Dancehall

Is Vybz Kartel the Bob Marley of dancehall?

Masicka scored one of the biggest hits of his career this year

“InfraRed” with Vybz Kartel, but his admiration for the incarcerated

dancehall icon runs deeper than just dancehall. In fact, they both

went to the same high school Calabar and are both from Portmore.

The Genahsyde leader sat down for a candid interview with Tim

Westwood recently where he opened up about working with the


“Definitely Vybz Kartel is one of the most talented artists out of

Jamaica, so it was crazy,” Masicka said. “His work ethics is crazy,

Vybz Kartel put in a lot of work and he is one of the greatest artists

out of Jamaica, so to even get that track you understand am hail

from Calabar and hail from Portmore, Vybz Kartel show we a lot of

respect.” Tim Westwood then added that Kartel is the Bob Marley of

dancehall, to which he agreed.

Masicka also spoke briefly about his ongoing feud with Aidonia,

telling Westwood that the 4thGenna deejay is afraid of a lyrical

confrontation with him. “It’s just bad mind because we as the young

youths come up and we are doing a lot so it’s not everybody going to

show us love,” the dancehall deejay said. “They are just afraid to get

into a lyrical confrontation.”