J. Cole Visited Inmates In Prison For Inspiration For Next Album

J. Cole took time out his hugely successful “4

Your Eyez Only Tour” to visit inmates where he

hopes to gain some inspiration for his next


Last week, the Dreamville rapper visited the San

Quentin State Prison in San Francisco where he

met and spoke with inmates inside the prison.

Sources are telling DHH that he is using the

powerful experience as an inspiration for his

upcoming body of work. “It was a touching

experience that you will hear on his next record,”

sources told us.

Sources couldn’t tell us when his next album is

coming but did say work has already begun,

which means it could come later this year. “I

can’t say when it will be ready but he is in the

studio right now as we speak,” sources added. J.

Cole says that meeting with some of the inmates

who will never see the outside again was a life

changing experience.

Life behind bars is a central theme on J. Cole’s

“ 4 Your Eyez Only Tour” as you can see him

being escorted on stage wearing prison jumpsuit

and handcuff. Even the stage theme is designed

to look like an actual prison. Some of the music

on his last album 4 Your Eyez Only centers

around social injustice and mass incarceration.

On the album’s title, track J. Cole raps about

giving young men an education instead of

sending them to prison and even spoke about the

children affected by mass incarceration in

America. Cole has often been named among the

top 5 rappers of this generation, a never ending

debate that sees some usual names like

Kendrick Lamar and Drake. Sure everyone will be

watching closely for his next album particularly if

it arrives this year since both Drizzy and K-Dot

has already released albums with strong

commercial success. J. Cole is signed to JAY-

Z’s label Roc Nation. His “4 Your Eyez Only Tour”

wraps up later this month and feature Anderson

.Paak as the opening act.


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