Chris Brown Daughter Royalty Launches Kids Clothing Line

What were you doing at 3? Chris Brown‘s 3-year-old daughter

Royalty Brown is launching her own kids clothing line.

Breezy already has his own clothing line Black Pyramid and you can

see that he has been promoting it heavily all over his social media

pages. The new line will feature monster graphics, striped dresses,

and cosmetics, all personalized by the young entrepreneur in the

making. TMZ reportedly that Royalty’s mother Nia Guzman is helping

out with the threads.

Nia Guzman, who seems to be the main person behind the clothing

line, announced on Instagram that the grand opening will be on

August 6, and fans can get on the mailing list at the official website Chris Brown himself has not weighed in on the

new venture by his baby mama, but sources are saying that he is not

too happy about it. “She is just using her own daughter for money

and fame that’s the type of person she is,” sources said.


Chris Brown and Nia Guzman have been at odds for years over

custody and child support and although Breezy is winning the legal

fight, the drama is not yet over. The R&B singer is currently working

on his new album Heartbreak on a Full Moon , due later this year.


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